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The best cure for a hangover is to not get a hangover in the first place. I don't drink to the point of belligerence anymore, so before I go drinking, I'll stick a bag in my pocket with some Tylenol (sometimes some ibuprofen and aspirin too) and some multivitamins, and drink as much water as I can stomach before going to sleep. I haven't had a hangover in quite awhile, I wake up feeling great.

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@Demoskinos: Sorry you're not mature enough to realize that drinking is just another way to have fun.

Alcohol d
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@Demoskinos: Sorry you're not mature enough to realize that drinking is just another way to have fun.

Alcohol destroys more lives than Marijuana yet the latter is still illegal. People do stupid things when they are drunk. There is no argument in the world that will convince me otherwise.
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Don't know if this has already been posted but salted peanuts! The salt helps you hydrate faster and there are properties within the nuts that helps as well

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its not really a cure but i usually try and get a good amount of sleep when when i wake up instead of postponing the rest of the day i get to the fridge where i take a 2l bottle of coke and down as much as a can in one go until im not as thirsty, then take a quick cold shower, after that sit down and have a cigarette and usually when im done with that one i feel normal again. but then again i have never really had bad hangovers no matter how much i drink. maybe once or twice.

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Coconut water: Ryan Davis recommended, User approved!

Seriously, it works wonders. Also, the chocolate version (as pictured above) is the best)

to bad we dont have anything like it around where i live, the closest thing we have is coconut milk for cooking and usually its with "pulp" in it and that is not recommended unless you blend it with something

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@Demoskinos: Sorry you're not mature enough to realize that drinking is just another way to have fun.

Alcohol destroys more lives than Marijuana yet the latter is still illegal. People do stupid things when they are drunk. There is no argument in the world that will convince me otherwise.

People die in car crashes as well, will you never be a passenger/drive due to that?

You don't need to drink in excess, it's a nice way for people to lighten up and have a laugh. Your loss.

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Drink a load of water before you go to sleep, I always force myself to down a pint of the stuff if I need to be up early the next morning, and make sure you sleep with some kind of fruit juice next to your bed. When you wake up at 5 or 6 am feeling dehydrated it's because your blood-sugar is low, so a few gulps of fruit juice will sort you out and should let you get back to sleep pretty quickly. When you wake up I'd recommend more fruit juice and always more water (a couple of pints at least).

Good advice. I don't drink these days anymore, but back when I did, I usually followed similar recipe.

  1. Don't go to sleep if you're still "getting drunk" - i.e. you just had an alcoholic drink recently.
  2. Drink a bunch of water/orange juice and eat something before bed.
  3. When you wake up during the night/early morning, drink more and grab a few painkillers.
  4. Sleep until evening.

That usually does it. I often suffered from sensitive stomach during the day still, but usually only minor headache or none at all. And the best cure really is to delay going to bed as long as possible. Worst hangovers occur when you pass out or just go to bed in the midst of drinking.

Please disregard point 3: Do not take fucking painkillers just to mitigate a hangover. Many painkillers like Vicodin or Percocet have large doses of acetaminophen, which is absolutely terrible for your liver. And mixing pills with some hair of the dog can easily kill you.

If your drinking has led to the point where only opiates can dull the pain in the morning, it might be time for rehab.

I don't know what kind of medication you guys use in the states, but your basic paracetamol is not going to destroy your liver if you take it the morning after a drinking binge.

If your liver is already damaged or you're an alcoholic, then maybe skip it - but other than that, it's fine. There's a reason they sell those over the counter: there're very safe unless you take it too much or too often.

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@Hitchenson No loss here. Straight Edge is the way to be.
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@Demoskinos: I like how you ignore my first point.

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Just drink heaps of water and eat some fruit before you go to bed.

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Gatorade, burgers and fries

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Vitamin water. Ordinary water does help, but you need to get electrolytes back in your system. The best thing to do would be to get an IV drip, but that won't be possible.

So drink about a liter of vitamin water, get some sleep, if you have a headache in the morning take a Tylenol, and eat something light but large enough to get you full. Fruits and vegetables are the best things to eat. Try to cut back on the meat and dairy for the day too. Fatty foods just put more stress on your body and forces it to deal with more crap. Also sleep. Don't get up at 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 after being up until 3 getting pissed. You can't recover without rest.

At least that's what I used to do when I drank. The best thing to do though would be to do it in moderation, but I get it though.

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don't get drunk, or, drink at least 3 liters of water before bed

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If you're after some crazy thing, I've found that 50% strong coffee, 50% Orange Juice, has never failed to get me through a day. In more logical realms, eat carbs while/before/after heavy drinking, with lots of water. Also, the Lemongrass/Ginger Lucozade Revive got me feeling great last time.

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Besides sleeping it off, I find Vitamin C tablets and Gatoraid work best.

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Weed+Alcohol = A good time.

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A greasy pork sandwich served up on a dirty ashtray.

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Prevention is also the best medicine. Drink plenty of water and stick to one specific kind of alcohol the entire night. Also get plenty of food in your stomach before you go out.

Avoid girly drinks and ANYTHING made with caffeine like the plague. That includes Red Bull and Vodka (Made that mistake numerous times. Ouch) or any stupid bastardization of a Martini. Umbrella drinks are a guilty pleasure of mine, but they're loaded with sweet mixers.

Most of all, do not get drunk on red wine. You will be miserable.

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@Demoskinos said:

@Hitchenson If you need to drink to have fun then you are a boring person. Sorry I dont have to drink mind altering poison to have a good time.

I drink because it's fucking delicious. Maybe when you're older you'll understand better once your taste buds mature.

But seriously, a pint of Arrogant Bastard on a cold day? Amazing.

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More alcohol - hair of the dog that bit you.

Seriously, it works... but then you kind of just get into a non-stop state of being kind of drunk and thats called alcoholism... so.. y'know...

Pretty much that.

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I pretty much kept drinking water and went out shopping, did the trick.

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Birdy tells me pot works well, including the synthetic THC pills chemo patients get for anti-nausea.

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@Nadril: Older? I'm 27 I think I've developed my tastes pretty well at this point.

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@Nadril: Yes, lord forbid someone sets personal limits and morals for themselves.

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Before going to bed after a heavy night drinking take two aspirin and drink a pint of water. This will all but cure any symptoms of a hangover before you even wake up : D

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@Demoskinos: You realize that alcohol can be a vice, just like sugar, video games, sex, smoking, excessive exercise, excessive dieting, and hundreds of others; anything in excess will likely do damage. Alcoholism has the potential to destroy lives; alcohol, on the other hand, really isn't harmful at all when enjoyed responsibly. It's a way of instantly having something in common with strangers that allows for further conversation and relationships to develop. Sharing a drink is an activity that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years, and hardly does as much damage as "straight edge" kids think. I never drank in high school because I didn't feel a need to- as you get older you realize it's nice to be able to share something with someone right as you meet them, and that drinking doesn't instantly mean getting drunk, and even if you do get drunk, everything is going to be fine...you don't instantly lose all your common sense after two beers. I am not denying the dangers of drinking in excess, but I am assuming you have never enjoyed a drink with friends or family responsibly. You should really try it before you decide that you know what you're talking about and stop spewing your puritanical straight edge bullshit. Alcohol is just R-OH, baby.

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greasy eggs/burgers and Gatorade.

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A hangover is dehydration, so yeah, get a whole lot of water in you.

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Not drink?

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A glass or two of water along with a few vitamin B12 tablets before bed works wonders.