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Hey, I made a wisdom tooth thread this morning, but not about the wisdom tooth this time and more about, how the heck can I fix a bite from in my mouth? Swish around warm salt water? What's the way you guys have done so? I'd like to get some good ideas so I can cure it the fastest, 'cause this is bothering me somewhat. I had bitten it during the night two nights ago and it starts from the front of my mouth, and it's white on the inside of my cheek to the red-ish bite mark near the retromolar trigone. This is all on the left side of my mouth. It's not that it's that painful, it's just a bit bothersome 'cause I can feel it. And pushing on my jaw a bit, I can feel a bit a pain. This is all only on the left side. So what do you do when you accidentally bite down hard on the inside of your cheek? Anything?

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i do nothing about it. i try not to eat or drink anything that has acids in it. it will cause it to sting from the acids like in lemonade and soda.

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I get stuff like this all the time because my teeth are...as the French say "Fucking Awful". I find it's best to just try and ignore it. Cuts and such in the mouth tend to heal pretty quickly (at least for me). I guess if you really want to do something, salt water, hydrogen peroxide, or mouthwash might help.

*edit* if you go the salt route, I think I read sea salt is best and as finely ground as you can get it.

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swish around whiskey, you'll be good.

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Let it heal on it's own. The inside of your mouth heals very fast.

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@Marz said:
swish around whiskey, you'll be good.
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Just leave it I reckon, goin' anywhere near it just makes it more irritating for me. 

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inb4 get someone to punch you in the mouth

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Man up.