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Damn! Isn't Kanye the big talk nowadays. I mean he's just all over internet. So since Yeezus dropped i decided to make this blog entry dedicated to Kanye. I'm going to list my favorite Kanye album's. So um.... lets get it in.

6. 808's & Heartbreak

Yea i know you saw this coming. But this was Kanye's weakest album out of his collection but this was by no mean a bad album. With great songs like "Amazing"(Twoooo Kaaaay!), "Coldest Winter", "Heartless", and "Welcome to Heartbreak". But we all know that this was just a experimental album which basically all utilized auto-tune. But Kanye still delivered his amazing productions and some classics but overall the album was a extreme let down for fans because of the huge success he had on the graduation. Some songs just seemed like he was lazy and just put no effort like RoboCop and Bad News. He could definitely have done a little better with some of the songs.

5. Yeezus

Yeezus was not a bad album! In fact i thought it pushed hip hop to new boundaries and brung back powerful lyrics that has every one talking about. With all the media just all on Kanye, he really used this album to release his anger. Not to mention there was a topic i saw on a magazine that tryed to prove that Kanye was gay!? Any way i think his to most powerful songs in this album is "New Slaves" and "Blood on the leaves". These two song reach touchy subjects that have the internet screaming and just things i don't want to get into. I think with songs like "Black Skinhead" and "I can't hold my liquor", and of course "I am a God." I wont be surprised if Kanye adds another Grammy to his collection.

4. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye ended up taking a hiatus and then two years later Yeezy was back and came back with a boom. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy showcased the dark side of Kanye and really let the listeners felt what his mindset was at that time. This album had incredible production and was just so unique. This album really just delivered with only 1 to 2 songs were meh. Not to mention this album introduced us to Pusha t. The lyrics were so sharp and sleek in this album. With songs like "Dark Fantasy" and "Power", "Gorgeous"etc.. This album again proved that Kanye's creativity is on another level and proved he's on the top.

3. College Dropout

The album that put Kanye on the map. I mean, he basically won a Grammy for best album. Which is basically all that needs to be said but as a Hip-Hop fan i must collaborate why this is number 3. This album was the complete package! With the amazing cover art and just lyrics and the production was on point. not to mention the features! With "Jesus walks", "All Falls Down","Slow Jamz","Never Let Me Down." Yea i'm done.

2.Late Registration

After the success of College Dropout people said how can Kanye do better. Well...... he came out with Late Registration. This album showed how creative Kanye West could be with songs like "Diamonds" and the remix. Also "Gold Digger" and "We Major" with the great Nas. This album was just and overall improvement with not only production but with his lyrics and also had songs that you could really connect with. He also won a couple Grammy's for this album.

1. Graduation

This album just can't be touched and is just and instant classic. Just look at the album cover. A flying teddy bear! Ok on a serious not this album won Kanye 4 Grammy's. This song has more classics then most Hip-Hop artist. The production was just perfect and Kanye really showcased his lyrics with "Big Brother." I just can't really say too much about this album that nobody knows already. From intro to outro the album is just crazy. This album definitely showcased how Kanye is just a Hip-Hop genius.

Well i hoped you liked my list and if you never listened to Kanye...... you're welcome.

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I liked Late Registration the best.

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Gotta go with Graduation, even though I'm not that big of a rap fan. Flashing Lights and Homecoming were my favorite songs off that album, because they really seemed to embody some emotion that we normally don't see out of the rap genre. I'd be a complete idiot to compare it to the pathos of Harry Chapin's Cat's in the Cradle, but listening to Homecoming reminds me of that super-depressing song. Kanye kind of went downhill after Graduation, in my opinion.

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i generally agree with the selection, but i disagree somewhat on yeezus. i think kanye experimented with the beats to his songs, and as a beatwriter he did that really well, but i feel like his lyrics havent changed at all. i just wish he would experiment with his lyrics the same way he does with his beats instead of keeping on talking about how hes an asshole and hes living the life (most songs on the album i would say are dedicated to that)

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@wealllikepie: Im not saying his lyrics changed. I just said his lyrics were controversial but i do agree with you.

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At first I thought this was an easy answer but now I'm not so sure. 808's and Heartbreak is my least favorite, probably followed by The College Dropout.

Late Registration or Graduation are probably my favorite but damn there's some excellent, excellent stuff on Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus.

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Oddly enough I've been enjoying the fuck out of Yeezus. The Personal Jesus sampling on Black Skinhead is great. But MBDTF is still my favorite thing he's ever done.