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want to register a domain whats the best site to do that?

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I know everyone hates godaddy because of the SOPA business, but they are pretty good, especially if you are running your own server as they have a lot of auto config options, I wouldn't use them for anything else, but for domains they are as good or better than most everywhere else I've tried. Make sure to look around for coupon codes, they are out there (SMOD has them and Frogpants has them too) and can save you a bunch if you are registering multiple domains.

Hover.com is the one that has been advertising on Weekend Confirmed lately(with a coupon code), probably worth a look but I haven't used them, they are rebranded Tucows from what I can tell which is one of the oldest popular domain registrars, no idea why they changed their name though.

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I've heard a lot of really good stuff about hover.com
I don't personally have anything with them now, but I intend to move to them from bluehost when it makes sense just to try it out. (The bombcrew have endorsed them a few times if I remember).

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I use one.com, they are base in Holland (I think) but are good and, I think, well priced if all you want is a small site and emails, they also have a cloud based backup system which is handy. I have used them for 5 years and have a few accounts with them. Great backup as well, always someone online for live chat.

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May depend on where you're based. I switched from GoDaddy to Joker last year, and considered going to Hover.com/wizard this year, but then decided it wasn't worth the hassle considering Joker seems to operate a little closer to home and they accept Paypal.

Joker is fine for my needs, it turns out... I only moved from GoDaddy to make something of a statement, and didn't give much thought about where I was going to other than asking on Facebook and picking the first one suggested.