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#51 Posted by isomeri (1415 posts) -

Russki Standart is pretty much the only vodka I buy and drink anymore. Actually Standart for drinks and Platinum for drinking straight up. Finlandia ain't half bad and Stolichnaya is a really nice alternative as well. Generally I'm mostly a whiskey and rum kind of guy but I do enjoy the subtle flavors of a nice vodka as well.

#52 Posted by Sploder (917 posts) -

Absolut's nice. Smirnoff is like paint thinner though.

#53 Edited by Shikon (179 posts) -

i kept reading the thread title as beta testing vodka.

and now i am kinda disappointed...

other then that i can't add anything to this topic sadly i have never had more then a zip of beer and it was disgusting.

and i find most alcoholic beverages to expensive to buy and try. so if any one does have a beta testing vodka program going on i'm in?

#54 Edited by Korwin (3029 posts) -

I drank that Vodka that Dan Aykroyd makes from one of those Crystal Skull's recently... that was kick ass.

#55 Posted by guanophobic (329 posts) -

@korwin: Really wanna try that out.


#56 Posted by pweidman (2362 posts) -

Back when I would drink such a thing, Stolly was by far the smoothest. But Vodka doesn't taste good per se, mix it. The advantage is it doesn't smell on your breath.

#57 Edited by Canteu (2821 posts) -

All Vodkas taste the same. It's just ethanol and water.

#58 Posted by Danteveli (1204 posts) -

Chopin or Belvedere. Sobieski is not bad either.

#59 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

I prefer rum & scotch but a vodka friend of mine got me to actually like one after trying dozens of other vodka brands, Russian Standard. Just get the basic version, the Imperia (premium version) doesn't taste all that great.

Commercial they did is pretty good too & quite stylish, wouldn't mind traveling through that commercial set when they were shooting it.

#60 Edited by MikeJFlick (444 posts) -

Imperia Vodka.

#61 Posted by ShockD (2421 posts) -

Finlandia and Russkii Standart.