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Hey guys, having enjoyed a few rally racing games and with drew mentioning the f1 i thought it would be cool to check out some rally racing, however, being in america it seems a bit difficult. I'd love to watch some authentic European rally racing and not the american/red bull/mountain dew kind.

I found the fia world rally championship at wrc.com and that seems decent from what i can tell and there's an event about to start in germany today. It looks like they have an internet radio stream that'll go up but i was wondering if anyone knew of any ways to watch it live instead? I quick checked comcast sports channels and it didn't look like they had anything. Is there any internet based broadcast? Any pointers would be super appreciated :)

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I'm in the same boat. It's so hard to find WRC coverage on TV in the US.

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Its not just america guys. As far as I have looked (which to be fair isn't that far) the best I was able to notice is an occasional form of some live rally on British eurosport or hour long highlights of the WRC stages after they happen. I'm sure there's likely to be some website or TV station in Europe that I have yet to see. Ive seen way more Le Mans (the series and the 24 hour race) than WRC

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  1. Go to Youtube.
  2. Type in "rally crash."
  3. Blink, look around, realize you don't realize where the last two hours of your life went.
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I have no idea how to watch any proper WRC coverage either, which sucks 'cause I enjoy Rallying. Butttttt, you can see why the coverage isn't on F1 levels, cause you can't have cameras covering entire 25 miles strips of Wales really :/