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Hey duders,

So work has blocked GiantBomb.com (along with JustinTV, UStream) for "streaming media" reasons - which makes little sense seeing as I can watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu on my phone or in a browser - anyway does anyone know if BLLS3 will also be streaming on Twitch? For whatever reason, the Twitch app for the iPhone SEEMS to work just fine. I know most of the time for TNT or whatever else, the feed is on the main page, but Twitch as well. I want to watch but streaming over 3G is going to kill my data plan, unless someone knows another way around. Any help would be great, super excited for the show even if I have to miss the first 3 hours.

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I believe the Big Live Live Show is an initiative to get people to sign up, so it should be free.

And if it is, I see no reason why it won't be on http://www.twitch.tv/giantbomb alongside the Giant Bomb feed with the chat. There will be a premium feed as far as I recall, but that won't be available to non-premium users.

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Yea everything else they stream pops up on the Twitch site, but the actual Twitch site won't load in the browser, or at least it just loads links and nothing else (no formatting, no graphics, nothing) which is why I wanted to stream on my phone since that seems to run fine. But yea, looking at what else they have streamed in the past (including the Mark of the Ninja stuff which loaded on the app) I might have answered my own question?

IDK, thanks though!

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Big Live Show is always free and the last 2 were archived on their JTV page, everything they stream for free ends up on their Twitch/JTV archive but my question is, is why would you watch it at work? As for a premium feed they might do what they did last year with the 1-2 "extra" feeds which i think were different angles/behind the scenes cameras, i can't recall 100% because i was pretty drunk through out the show.

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I would watch it at work because that's where I will be when the show starts and I want to watch it live haha.

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I have a question...

The show starts at 10AM Pacific right? Any guesses as to when the end time for the show is? 4 or 5?

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I thought Ryan said something about it being 6-7 hours Pn the latest Bombcast, so yea like 5pm

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Anyone know if the additional subscriber stream(s) will be archived as well?

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@mbkish said:

Anyone know if the additional subscriber stream(s) will be archived as well?

They were not last year. It is a lot of video so I guess they have to draw the line somewhere and I would guess the Dave Cam isn't locally archived.

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