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A buddy's birthday is coming up and I was thinking of getting a present for him. Since the dude really likes Godzilla I have been looking around to see what would be an awesome present revolving around the franchise. Was thinking of getting this figure from Amazon.com:
Anybody on this site has this figure and can attest to its quality? Thanks.

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Get him one of those green reptilian fleshlights.

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You need him to get him a shirt with a picture of Gigan ironed onto it. The thought counts, and he'll be stoked because any true Godzilla fan knows Gigan is the best motherfucking thing ever.

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I can't say anything about that specific figure, but I have gotten other Bandai S.H. Figuarts (like the Kamen Rider ones) and they're all pretty awesome. Nicely posable and they look great too.

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A Godzilla VMU for Dreamcast.

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A blowjob from a hooker in a Godzilla suit.

@psylah: I see we're on a similar page here.

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As a Godzilla fan I'd say yes, a cool gift. Already have that, Mecha, and several others on my wishlist. Amazon reviews seem pretty damn positive.

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@Epidehl: @wrecks: Thanks for the replies! I'm leaning more towards the figure I linked but I'll continue searching to see if there's anything that looks more interesting.
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You should get him one of those sweet Combat Joe (Japanese G.I. Joe) with Godzilla Suit sets. It came out in the 1980s, but I've seen it on Ebay.

There's a guy inside? My childhood dreams ruined!
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A dinosaur

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@PenguinDust: thats freaking awesome!

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@psylah said:

Get him one of those green reptilian fleshlights.

And condoms that say Godzilla Size

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Get him the first few issues of Godzilla: The Half-Century War. It's a really good new comic. The art is amazing.

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Why does he really like godzilla?

Well, I guess people collect stamps and stuff.

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I'm a huge Godzilla fan and I'm super stoked that Godzilla vs. Biollante is finally getting a proper dvd/blu-ray release. You can pre-order it on Amazon. It releases in early December. Maybe that would be cool, especially if he doesn't know it's coming out.

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@TheHumanDove said:

Why does he really like godzilla?

Well, I guess people collect stamps and stuff.

Yeah, that's like someone really liking Flash Gordon or whatever. I mean, I like Godzilla, I guess, but it isn't exactly a strong presence in pop culture these days.

How about a signed head-shot of Matthew Broderick and a cassingle of that Rage Against the Machine song from the soundtrack?

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@wjb: That might send a Godzilla fan into a blind manic rage. He might actually shot atomic fire if he saw that shit.

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I own that figure, and it is pretty great. There's a lot of subtle work in the sculpt that you can't really tell til you have it in your hands, like the asymmetry Each side is not just a mirror of the other, which gives it a nice look. The atomic breath extra was nice too.

The only thing is that it is very posable, but it is really meant for display, not for playing with. For instance, the joints aren't loose at all, which is great for locking it into whatever position you like, but I know I was surprised by just how stiff it was.

Worth $50+? Tough to say, I know I grew up loving old Godzilla movies, but never had a Godzilla toy that wasn't crap, so this tickled my nostalgia enough for the splurge.

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I know I'd be really happy if someone bought me that. I say yes.

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That's pretty badass. I'm a big Godzilla fan and if someone gave me that, I'd be pretty stoked. Not to mention that's the 90's Godzilla design, which is the best.