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Can I have a hat?

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So some guy's account got hacked and he posted about it on Twitter. So what? Is this really worthy of a thread?

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I hate the written English language :(

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Um, I get those emails all the time and they aren't from Blizzard.

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Yep, this seems like a pointless thread...

Also Josh Olin is from Treyarch in case anyone is wondering who he is.

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I honestly couldn't care less.

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i hate it when people don't fucking explain the point in the OP

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Who is Josh Olin and why should I care?

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Why did you make a thread out of this?

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Flag 'em and bag 'em

Move along, move along

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whats wrong with his hat?

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I'm also confused. What is the point of this? I guess we will never know.

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Terrible OP, stop making shit threads.

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Sorry I'm not sure who Josh Olin is and even if I did I wouldn't care his blizzard account is locked. Why post this?

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@ShinjiEx said:


I hate the written English language :(

Then don't open threads anymore. WTF is up with recently with GB and people not making even a half assed effort. I swear even since they joined with GS...

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@ShinjiEx: The forums are meant to be a place of discussion, but not only does this thread lack discussion value, it's not even clear what it's meant to be about. Please, if you can't start a proper conversation in coherent English, don't create a thread.