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It has the potential to be the best ice cream ever yet no one makes it...? Anyone have theories about why?

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A town near me has a blueberry festival and it is not that great.

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Blueberries kick ass, I endorse this message. Although blueberry froyo would probably be better. A slightly tangier froyo would go perfectly with blueberries.

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I like both Blueberry Ice Cream and Blueberry Fro-Yo. They taste so awesome! <3

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Maybe it doesnt go with that vanilla ice cream flavour?  I can see it as a sorbet or frozen yogurt and in fact, Ive tried both of those things and it tasted really good but ice cream would probably be bad.

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There is a Theme Park in Ohio called King's Island reasonably close to where I live. There are vendors there that sell blueberry soft serve ice cream. I really enjoy it, but its pretty different.

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@Akeldama: You make me sad... =[

: Thanks for the picture, from my observations it is probably artificial blueberry =[ The reason I say that is because I make lots of real natural blueberry desserts including a Russian style blueberry pie with sour cream glaze, taste just like very sugary vanilla yogurt, it should look purple, the only time blueberry juice is not purple is when water has been added to it in small amounts, if you add a lot it turn green, funny right?

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I'm not a fan of blueberrie ice cream. But I do like superman or cookie ice cream.

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It does exist.

Though, I prefer a sorbet.

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Haagen Dazs makes one. You can probably find it at your grocery store.

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I've never had a good blueberry. Makes me wonder if they even exist.

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Man, that sounds really good right about now.

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What are you talking about, potential? The stuff is every where here in Pennsylvania. Benny's does it, Rutter's does it, Hershey's does it. I mean, it's not the best tasting versions I've ever had, but that's generally subjective.

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@ck1nd: I have never heard of it, and in every place I have lived they have never had anything blueberry ice cream related. The closest thing to blue berry ice cream I have seen is blueberry Greek yogurt, which taste like barf can't even taste the blueberries at all.

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There are tons of companies, people, vendors and whatever that makes it.

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I like peppermint ice cream, but blueberry is all right too.

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I haven't had blueberry before. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. However...I did have "Pina Colada Ice Cream" this past weekend. To say it was AMAZING would be an under statement.

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Cookie dough ice cream. Enough said!