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How would I go about finding it? I'd like to use it for a video.

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I've gotten it a couple of times in the past and I don't remember it having an associated sound effect... Can ya find a youtube video or something with it so I know what you're talking about?

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That clunk sound. I think it's more for an error idk. The very first error sound on this (because it instantly goes into a song) http://youtu.be/N7Nece4nsx8

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I found it! It's called Critical Stop.

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@TehChich: It's a Windows XP sound file. You can find them here... I think the one you're looking for is Windows_XP_Critical_Stop.wav (though it might be Windows_XP_Battery_Critical.wav)
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Funny that this thread is here. I finally got this old HP 6830 with an Intel Celeron 700 MHz, 192 MB RAM up and running with Windows 98SE. I even found an old Geforce MX 4000 graphics card to install in it. What a bitch it's been.

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