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What up duders. I just ordered the Game of Thrones card game and was wondering what kind of card and board games that you all play. I myself have dabbled in many like Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. Any suggestions on others I should try too?

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I just play board games like Monopoly or Life every once in a while.
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A lot. In fact I'm going to the Origins Game Convention in Columbus, OH next week. Honestly, I probably play just as many board games as video games. Favorites are the Battlestar Galactica board game, Settlers of Catan, Dominion and Pandemic.

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Don't play anything now, but I used to love playing Chess, monopoly, trouble, crazy 8's, 7 up, war, checkers, go fish, Risk and for a couple years I spent a metric fuck ton of time and money on Magic the Gathering. So much fun building decks in that game. Finding cool combos with what you had was more fun then the actual games some times.

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I love Shoots N' Ladders!

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I used to love Yugioh. That was reaaally fun. 

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Magic The Gathering; Legacy and Draft only though. EDH if someone gives me a deck.

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When I was in high school and college, I played a lot of Axis and Allies and another Risk-like game called Supremacy.  These days all I do is the family tournament of Trivial Pursuit on holidays.   I never took to the CCGs.  They didn't exist when I was old enough to be interested in them.

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@PenguinDust said:
When I was in high school and college, I played a lot of Axis and Allies and another Risk-like game called Supremacy.  These days all I do is the family tournament of Trivial Pursuit on holidays.   I never took to the CCGs.  They didn't exist when I was old enough to be interested in them.
How old were you in 94, if you don't mind me asking? Cause I started playing Magic at 8, stopped after like a year and started again when I was like 12 or 13 again. Quit again til I was like 23 and only play now cause my friend and I road trip and play events and get wasted after.
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@Subject2Change:  I was 25 in '94.  I missed out on POGs, too.
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Carcassone is really fun.  Wits and Wagers is a good one to play with family.   Personally, I'm a Scrabble guy, but my girlfriend really like Scattergories, so we play both of those a lot.

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Settlers of Catan, Starfarers of Catan and Zombies!!! mostly.  

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@Subject2Change:  I was 25 in '94.  I missed out on POGs, too.
Ya I suppose 25 would be a bit late to start in Magic. Just missed it by a few years!
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I play the Pokemon card game fairly regularly. I also enjoy a good game of risk or monopoly every now and then.

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I enjoy Zombie Flux a good deal although some things in flux are kinda busted. Catan as was already mentioned is fantastic, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne are both a joy to play. You can get digital versions of most of those so that's kind of a plus as well. I'm also a huge fan of Gloom (card game) but i rarely get to play it anymore.

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Ticket to Ride (up to 5 players) is awesome, both the board and card game. You're trying to place trains down to connect cities. That's about it, and it's super addictive.

Dominion (up to 4 players, or 8 with expansions) is great if you like Magic. It isn't a CCG, but it's structured so that you build your deck as you play, and you only play with 10 out of 25 types of cards in a game. It's fairly quick, too.

Tsuro (up to 8 players) is a good game if you have a lot of people and need something quick to play. It's a tile game where you place a tile and move any pieces (yours and other players') that are touching a path on the tile. Pieces that run into each other or off the board are out, and the last player with a piece on the board wins.

Bang! (up to 7 or 8 players, depending on expansions) is a really good card game that takes place in the old west. There's a sheriff, one or more deputies, one or more outlaws, and a renegade. Only the sheriff is known to everyone, the roles of everyone else are secret to the other players. Players play cards to shoot at other players, and the targeted players can play other cards to avoid being shot. There's also equipment and event things like dynamite and jail. The deputies want to protect the sheriff, the outlaws want to kill the sheriff, and the renegade wants to kill everyone. The game ends when the sheriff dies or the outlaws and renegade die.

Dread Pirate (4 players only) is a cool pirate board game. Each player is trying to collect the most treasure, and you have to sail your ship around the board to find the treasure on different islands. You fight other players, have to sail with or against the wind, and you can become the dread pirate, which gives you special bonuses.

Aside from that, I play the usual Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, etc with my wife and her family around the holidays.

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Catan is the best. The XBLA one is just as fun.

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I would recommend Dominion, as some have mentioned earlier. Talisman is a lovely board/adventure-game and Carcassonne Big Box 2 is a splendid buy if you are kind of new to board games, easy to learn and great replayability.

I myself have recently started playing Magic the Gathering. Only 18 years late, ey! ;-)

My next board game buy will probably be Formula D. It looks kinda cool! :-)

Good luck!

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A friend of mine got me into MTG a few months ago, at first we only played using Cockatrice but now we've started getting into the paper business. I went to my first booster draft last friday, the people were nice and I didn't do half bad for a first timer.

Only noteworthy boardgame I have is HeroQuest. I love the art on the cards but other than that I guess it's outclassed by everything.

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I used to play a lot of MTG in middle school and high school, would like to get into it again but not really gonna bother. 
As far as board games go, if you can count Arkham Horror as one, that's one I'd like to try out.
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Munchkin is stupid fun.

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@sawtooth said:

Munchkin is stupid fun.

I recently got Munchkin Zombies and my girlfriend and I play for hours.@dudeglove said:


I intend to get Arkham Horror soon. Maybe as a birthday gift.