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Does anyone know if they have a specific hour they put it at?

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i love the bobcast

w/ special guest

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Within nine and a half hours.

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Go here


and look at the times (they vary by about 7 hours) which should be localized.

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To give you the only real answer you'll get, about 10-11pm eastern time.

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Well, I can't insert a video from You Tube, so here is my Bobbum Man reference from The Leauge.

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I, too, am watiting for the bobmcast.

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Bobmcast has terrible internet speeds

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When it is done and as yesterday was a public holiday - I would not expect it early.

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What is this? Some sort of Bobmcast Watitng Room?

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The Bombcast is never late, nor is it early; it arrives precisely when it means to.

(Sometimes - most of the time, actually - its arrival time is variable. It's been up by the time I get home from work before, and sometimes it takes until I go to bed at night to show up or even after. Patience is key.

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i love the bobcast

w/ special guest

You're killing me!

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hey everyone it's tuesday

it will arrive on tuesday