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The Epic of Gilgamesh: pretty interesting age-old themes of fear of death and the search for the elixir of life.

Also reading The Elfstones of Shannara, by Terry Brooks. I know Brooks is a writer that people either love or hate, but I dig his writing and the worlds he sets his stories in.

#452 Posted by RockAction (375 posts) -

just finished selected stories from tolstoy, just started war and peace

hope i get through it, though i have a half read book of arthur millers short stories i want to finish and was also looking at death of bunny munro
#453 Posted by mordukai (7795 posts) -

Hunters of Dune.

#454 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -
@wickedsc3 said:
" The Dresden FIles "
I've just started listening to these audio books. On book three now. James Marsters' reading performance is fucking awesome.
#455 Posted by StealthRaptor (548 posts) -

"(Burton & Swinburne in)  The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack"

It's a fun steampunk book and is much more well written than I expected.

#456 Posted by DrLucian (18 posts) -

See a grown man cry/Now watch him die by Henry Rollins and Last Words by George Carlin w/ Tony Hendra

#457 Posted by Kombat (2290 posts) -

Mine probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise with the waves that the television show has been making over the last few weeks. I've been reading George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones, which has been pretty fantastic so far. I'm sort of scared considering that the author hasn't been so great when it comes to releasing the series' installments in a...timely manner. But I'm enjoying it a lot.

#458 Posted by LittleBigJono (291 posts) -

A Song of Ice and Fire

#459 Posted by Feigr (202 posts) -

Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons.

#460 Posted by JoeH (213 posts) -

The End Of The Affair by Graham Greene.... It's exam time....

#461 Posted by Jimi (1148 posts) -

Ubik by Philip K Dick for the 100th time

#462 Posted by aurahack (2483 posts) -

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut.

#463 Posted by leebmx (2318 posts) -

White Jazz by James Ellroy. Really got into his stuff recently.

#464 Posted by Yodasdarkside (343 posts) -

Surface Detail, the latest from Iain M. Banks.  A genuine return to form after the disappointing Transition.

#465 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

I'm currently somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 of the way into the second Dragon Age novel. Not enjoying it as much as the first one, but it's still some good reading.

#466 Posted by Fiero_Addict (41 posts) -

Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World by Jane McGonigal.

Really great book about how game theory can be applied to major institutions like education and business. Pretty fascinating read, I found this book when I saw the author on Stephen Colbert. 

#467 Posted by Vexxan (4624 posts) -

Soon finished with What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis, after that I'm picking up Svenska Hackare(Swedish Hackers).

#468 Posted by Contro (2346 posts) -

Systema Naturae by Carolus Linnaeus (Second Edition 1802)    

#469 Posted by skittles (179 posts) -

Like so many others, I'm getting my A Game of Thrones on. I just watched episode 3 last night and I'm keen to read all about the next episode before it airs, because I'm certain that some shit is about to go down.

#470 Posted by IchiroYagiza (453 posts) -

Tolkien's The Return of the King

#471 Posted by Twisted_Scot (1193 posts) -

Just finished all the Walking Dead Volumes. Awesome.

#472 Posted by davidjohnkeen (70 posts) -

Just before I heard about the new tv show I  got into the A Song of Ice and Fire books and am working my way through the series Just finished A Game of Thrones and am getting stuck into A clash of Kings. Really good books and it feels like the perfect time to be reading them with all the buzz about the show. It's nice to know what's coming up in the next episode and get excited for it.

Anyone else ploughing through them at the moment?
#473 Posted by Animasta (14818 posts) -

I'm reading game of thrones too but that's totally unrelated to the HBO show I just wanted to read it because it was apparently good fantasy :P

also I have The Great Shark Hunt and The Rum Diary, both by Hunter Thompson, coming in from amazon on thursday. should be fun

#474 Posted by NakAttack (1329 posts) -
@davidjohnkeen: just finished A Storm Of Swords last night.
#475 Posted by davidjohnkeen (70 posts) -

I see now I really should have skipped to the end of this thread before posting, A Song of Ice and Fire has struck Whiskey Media.

Awesome to see others are enjoying the books for the first time now as well.

@nk19: What did you think of A Storm of Swords? The early momentum of the series still rolling?
#476 Posted by JazzyJeff (459 posts) -

I think we should all read and discuss this.

#477 Posted by NakAttack (1329 posts) -
@davidjohnkeen: It was really good, there are moments in the third book that caught me completely off-guard (and unless you have been spoilered, they'll get you too.) As for the momentum, It lags in a few spots until the action kicks up. How are you enjoying the series thus far? 
#478 Posted by davidjohnkeen (70 posts) -
@nk19: Oh good, I was a little worried it would start to get a little stale or fall off pace at some point. From reading around on the net it seems some people only like the first book and the others don't click as well. The series for me has been great. I could hardly put A Game of Thrones down and am now really enjoying A Clash of Kings as well, I'm only about 150 pages into the second book but the characters that get some significant attention were my favorites from the first book. No spoilers so far thankfully, I'm trying to be extra careful now that I'm enjoying the books so much.

You rolling straight into book four now?
#479 Posted by NakAttack (1329 posts) -
@davidjohnkeen: starting it tonight, from what I heard it is rather hit or miss with people. yo if you ever want to talk about the books, hit me up with a pm, or post on my wall.
#480 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

I started reading the TimeShift manual a little bit.
#481 Posted by debsters (2 posts) -

Roughly 200+ pages into Clash of Kings
Holy Anorexia by Rudolph Bell - for when i need some non-fiction. Accounts of anorexia mirabilis
The Master and Margarita by  Mikhail Bulgakov

#482 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

"La Disparition" by George Perrec. This book does not contain the letter "e" in it, it's bananas

#483 Posted by TheChaos (1205 posts) -

Just finished The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, it's the 1st in the King Killer Chronicles trilogy.

About to go and buy the 2nd book soon.
#484 Posted by ___pocalypse (566 posts) -

I have been reading Haruki Murakami's collection of short stories: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. It's pretty great so far!

#485 Posted by guyver0 (190 posts) -

Dune by Frank Herbert. Really loving it so far.

#486 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

The ghost brigade by john scalzi

#487 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3224 posts) -

I picked up Blood Meridian, or: The Evening Redness in the West by Cormac McCarthy today from my school library. It's amazing.

#488 Posted by benpicko (2016 posts) -

Just read The Curious Incedent of the Dog in the Night-Time, which was very good. Now I'm 67 pages into The Alchemist. I don't like it.

#489 Posted by Knetic2341 (255 posts) -

Maus for school. Such an interesting read.

#490 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3475 posts) -

I'm currently reading The Holocaust: A New History by Doris Bergen.

#491 Posted by rentfn (1374 posts) -

I picked up The City and The City. Will talked about it on the podcasted and it sounded good...and is!!!

#492 Posted by gunslingerNZ (1964 posts) -

I think your need do more readin'

#493 Posted by Fallen189 (5310 posts) -

After putting off reading for a while, I've started American Gods this morning. The introduction of characters seems a bit obtuse, but it feels well written so far. I've got a ton more things to start though aswell, including:

-A scanner darkly

-The last wish (Witcher book)

-1Q84 (Recent Murakami novel in 3 parts)

-A Game of thrones

-On stranger tides

And about 50 others. Having a girlfriend doing an English degree leaves me with an infinite amount I Want to read

#494 Posted by InternetCrab (1581 posts) -

The original Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.

#495 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Star Wars The Old Republic: Deceived (pretty good so far, interesting characters!) and a dutch book you guys won't even know.

#496 Posted by Alexandruxx (248 posts) -

I just need to ask because I don't know for sure. Is it gramatically correct to say your reading, or is it you're reading?

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I figured I'd bump this thread instead of starting yet another one (seriously, there are dozens of them already).
I'm currently reading Caliban's War, having finished its predecessor Leviathan Wakes only a month or two ago. Interestingly, that book was an impulse buy for me, something I've never done with novels before. Haven't regretted it yet!

#498 Posted by RedParka (26 posts) -

"Packing for Mars" by Mary Roach; "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie; and "Soon I Will Be Invincible" by Austin Grossman.

#499 Posted by Fobwashed (2503 posts) -

Currently on book 2 of the Star Wars Jedi Academy Trilogy. Prior to this just finished the Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy. I'm full tilt Star Wars EU at the moment =P

#500 Edited by Maciste (26 posts) -

Almost done with Catch-22. It's so good...