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Yes this is a strange thing to ask but fuck it, I want to know. When I sit down I often find the urge to bob my leg up and down whilst resting my toes on the ground, don't ask me why I do it, I just do it naturally especially when I sit forward. I even start doing it in the middle of the exam hall at school whilst everything is motionless. Am I the only person who does this? 

 Don't mess me around. I NEED answers.
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You are not alone. I also find myself doing this alot.
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Lot's of people do this.  A kid who sat next to me in one of my classes a few years ago did it with both legs, at all times.  It was pretty irritating.
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I'm not right now, but yeah, I do that. I think most people do it some of the time.

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I remember my mutha telling me something about it being "nervous energy" when I was younger.

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I do that too sometimes. 
Usually when I'm really bored or watching something on TV at night.  
It's a good time as any to strap my Pokéwalker to pants and get the Watts up  
@Dawglet said:

" I DO IT ALL THE TIME.  I remember my mutha telling me something about it being "nervous energy" when I was younger. "
Your what told you that? o.O  
I feel old, I don't understand this highschool slang :(
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I find I do it often and usually to the rhythm of music in my head, so unless we both have some sort of ADHD, I think it's a completely normal thing. Also I think I do it so my foot doesn't fall asleep.

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I suggest you look at this  (1:01)


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I do it with both legs

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Doin it right now.  Always do it during class.

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Lots of people do it, I do it too. It's anxiety for the most part. People do it when they're nervous or excited for something. It's quite common, I'd say.

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I heard it was a sign of sexual frustration.

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If I´m bored my body wants me to go and do something better. So it forces my legs to twitch and tells me to get the hell out of there.

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I do it a lot actually

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I do it a lot, sometimes one leg and other times both legs.  If I don't do something like tap my feet on the floor, then that's usually when my legs start twitching and bouncing.
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I don't do it, but my friend does it all the time. I get really noxious when he does it and we sit next to each other and i can feel his "vibrations" through the bench or when our legs touch.

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Yup I do too. I'm a very fidgety person. I can't sit still unless I'm always doing something with my hands, usually twirling a pen/pencil or just handling anything that can fit in the palm of my hand, or if nothing is around shaking my leg up and down. Which of course is very funny considering how god dam lazy I am in every other aspect of my life. Probably a correlation with the two.

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yes and if i cant ill shake my hand instead
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Done it for years. Its a nervous thing.

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Doing it right now.

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 restless leg syndrome

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I had a good laugh when I saw this thread and realized I was doing it.

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All the time 

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I even do it while on the toilet.

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I do it all the time. Come over to my place and we could do it together. In perfect symphony.

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I never do it, and I find people who do irritating.

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Isn't that called restless leg syndrome? And I do it sometimes as well.

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@JamesValdes said:
" I even do it while on the toilet. "
Unfortunately as do I.
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Only do it at home.

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Much to the dismay of all of my friends and loved ones, I cannot stop the leg twitch. Hell I even rock my leg back in forth to get myself to sleep at night...it's annoying as hell and this thread has only exacerbated this habit. I am, however, quite glad to hear that I am not alone. 
Hello, my name is guitarjunkie and I am a leg twitcher.

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@guitarjunkie1123 said:
" Hell I even rock my leg back in forth to get myself to sleep at night... "
Oh man, see a doctor!
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I remember may dad doing it all the time at the dinner table when I was younger. I hadn't noticed that I started until someone was like "cut that shit out, you're shaking the table." Mine's hereditary...I am also a pretty fidgety person though, pretty chill but always find myself twirling a pencil or flipping the remote. This is why video games are perfect for me
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Almost everyone in the whole world does it.

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I do it.
P.S. All night long.

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Not so much, although another strange habit I have is if there are pillows around I have to have one on my lap or I just dont know what to do with my arms and cant get comfy, when there arint pillows around it doesint bother me. I'm a retard like that.

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@Jasta: Yeah Im kind of the same. I never put my hands in my lap unless either having some alone time or if there's a pillow resting on my legs.
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I do it sometimes.

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No, I do it as well.

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I just make small noises with my mouth while sitting there playing games. It drives my girl crazy, in a bad way that is.

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No, you're the only one. Now get your left hand off of you face.

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@CH3BURASHKA: Is that an implied facepalm?
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I also do that, but not that often. I do remember I used to do it way more in the past but then my legs just got tired of doing that.

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Same here.
I can't freakin' stop!

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I do it all of the time sometimes with 1 leg, sometimes with both. Sometimes I never realise im doing it.
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A lot of people do it.  It's not that unusual.

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@Djeffers03: Yeah although im not sure why