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Some of the best QL's on this site have come from the GB team pretty much "break a game" whether by accident or on purpose (i.e. Skytrain). Would the community want a regular weekly feature where they try to purposely "break" a game (finding glitches or making it come to a complete halt)? If not, how about building a game from scratch?

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@saxmusician20: Not really, just randomly happening in quick looks is fine for me.

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No, I'd much rather them spend their time doing something entertaining.

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They aren't playtesters! They're human beings dammit!

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Nah. I like them stumbling on it and getting all exited like Skytrain.

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maybe literally breaking them, snapping the disc in half.

hi welcome to giantbomb, today we are breaking (new video game that was good here). they would show a bunch of games being snapped by them.

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@iam3green: They could blow up games they hate with bombs. It's about time Giantbomb had more actual bombs in it.