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Breaking Bad Season 4 premieres this Sunday (July 17th)! What better way to start the hype-train than ask GB what it thinks is going to happen? 
I only caught the show after a friend suggested it shortly before the second season started airing, and binged on the first season. Since then I've followed it religiously and happily call it my favourite show ever (Yes, yes, The Wire; but these two shows are almost incomparable). Unless the quality of the next season drops dramatically before it wraps, then no other drama (or movie at that rate) will have had the same effect on me.  
We get characters who go through meaningful development and a momentum which refuses to let up. From the 1st season the the end of the 3rd not only are Jessie and Walt in very different places, they themselves have changed irreversibly.  

For those who haven't seen it, I urge you: Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.  
For those who have : Get hype!
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i only started the show when i got sick about 3 weeks ago and finished all 3 seasons :-D this show is so awesome... 

i cant wait for sunday :-D probly monday as i live in ireland and have to wait to watch it online....but get hyped
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Yeah, I can't see it going any other way than Jessie having actually shot Gale. It would be unlike BB to do something cheap. Plus, it makes sense. If he doesn't, they're dead. Vince G. don't pull no punches :)  
...and yeah, I can see this season making or breaking (pun!) Hank. After his rough few months last season, he'll be left wheelchair-bound, wondering who phoned him and why he was targeted. 
I'm really interested to see how Jessie turns out this season. He basically shed the last of his innocence with that last big act, and now he's going to pay the price for following Walt further down the rabbit (K-)hole.
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I don't know...

I figure that the Jesse will allow the rival chemist to leave town or something -- I just don't think he'll kill him. Plus, doesn't Jesse move the gun slightly askew in the last scene of season three? So the gun wouldn't be pointing at the aforementioned chemist?

Either way, I'm earnestly looking forward to the upcoming series!

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I also got into this programme recently, just started season 3. Is this season to be the last?
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In an interview shortly after the finale aired, Gilligan initially stated that he didn't mean for it to be ambiguous, and that the panning of the camera was simply to put us in POV. Seeing Jessie's torn up face, pointing a gun at us. Pulling the trigger, presumably. 
I dunno, man, The way the shows gone, it makes sense for him to kill him. Whether he does or not, we won't know till Sunday :) 

@anywhereilay said:
I also got into this programme recently, just started season 3. Is this season to be the last?

Gilligan has been quoted as saying that he envisioned it as a 50 episode story, and more recently, that he can't see it beyond 5 seasons. 
So 1 more, likely.