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The Screen Savers NEEDS to go back on the air. And Attack of the Faggots, ahem, Show... excuse me... needs to be sent to hell. Or Leo's show TWIT needs to do itself some justice and get on TV and off Live Broadcasting Online. I mean I LOVE his show, but it's not fair! Leo Leporte deserves to be on TV.  Anyone agree?

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Know it, love it, watch it.

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What are these shows? I haven't heard of them, sadly... please educate me.

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Funkyhamster said:
"What are these shows? I haven't heard of them, sadly... please educate me."
The Screen Savers was a tech related show on TechTV hosted (mostly) by Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton. They talked about tech news, mods you could make to PC and cell phones, did some interviews with important peoples, etc. When G4TV bought TechTV, most of the TechTV programming was canceled or redone.

The Screen Savers became Attack Of The Show, which followed mostly the same format except the hosts changed (Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn currently) and the focus of the show broadened to crazy shit on the internet, television, movies, and comics. There's still tech news, but that no longer dominates the content.

People hate G4 with a passion because it replaced Tech TV, but after the Tech TV hosts left and started their own internet video and audio shows, they're more prominent then they ever were on cable television. Personally, I don't see a need to bring back The Screen Savers. There's nothing they could possibly talk about in that 1 hour show that they don't cover in the 5 to 6 hours of audio/video content they put out rev3 every day.