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You'll know it when I'm talking to you with my sexy voice...which is unsurprisingly the same as my creeper voice. There's no difference really, with the voices or the actions that transpire when either voice is used. I should work on that.

Anyway, I'm back, doing my pop music thing again with big vocals and catchy melodies. Also trying out a more breathy voice and some falsetto layers for the verses. All this poptasticness is spread atop a delicious crumpet of harsh grinding synths, filled with a thick 808 beat custard. Sub-Bass Glaze.

There There's also a bit of a sci-fi theme going on with the lyrics.

Check it out:

MP3 Download: THA-neonglow.mp3

Do check out my previous blogs if you missed out on them and their juicy aural innards.


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Is the difference between "creeper" and "sexy" the beat it's being sung over? Or the intention which with you're singing it?

Or are the two one in the same?

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Maybe I'm too impatient these days but the melody takes a bit too long to build up for me. I get the whole minimalistic intro and then d-d-d-d-rroooopp but I guess I just like a fuller melody.

Good job just the same.

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Thanks for checkin' it out. :D

@professoress: It's all the same to me!

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@hamst3r: Rad tune as always. The colors are melting my eyes in the video though. I like that you're doing more vocal stuff :D I can totally see this as a credits theme for a game/movie

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P.S. Thanks, duder! :D

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Nice work once again duder.

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This is really awesome, good work on the vocals!

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Every one of these blogs is a treat.

Oh, I see Audiosurf 2 is on sale for 10% off this weekend as well.

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Thanks, duders, glad you're enjoying it! :3