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So there is a video that surfaced today of a kid getting picked on and then fighting back! He goes all Zangeif on him. There is quite a bit of info here, and a thread started on 4chan. Lot of people are sticking up for the kid who got picked on because supposedly this happens every day and the one day he does fight back......yea. Now he is allegedly getting suspended too.

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HA HA. Annoying little asshole. Don't mess with the fat kid.

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Saw this on 4chan earlier today, that kid gets wreaked. 

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That is moreso Farooq style. The Dominator, son.

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That was glorious.

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I normally don't advocate violence, but the kid was getting punched, and obviously no one was going to step in and do anything about it or help him.  Granted, that girl stopped the other kid after asses were kicked, but no one lifted a finger before then.
Edit: Also, the awesomeness of just hurling that little bastard into the ground can't be overstated.

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Fuck dude! That looked painful.
Not going to make any judgments about what should be done, but if that kid really was constantly bullying him, he has no right to cry flow when he gets it back.

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He got knocked the fuck out.

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That little fucker got what was coming to him. The bigger kid wasn't playing around.

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I read about this on Reddit earlier but I haven't seen it yet. From the sounds of it both should be suspended if anything, but I'm with the kid who got picked on. 
Still, I'm hoping he'll scream "ULLLLTIMATE... ATOOMMMIC.... BUSTAAAH!" somewhere.

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@Hailinel said:
" That was glorious. "
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Fucking hell, that impact was loud.

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The Guile's theme version of that is totally awesome.

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Bullshit that he'd get suspended, especially if there were witnesses. Hopefully the bully got punished as well.

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@Ineedaname: No doubt already in the works somewhere in internet land.
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@Hailinel said:
" That was glorious. "
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That was selfdefense. If someone yells at u thats one thing, if someone is actively punching you...then i think you have the right to defend yourself. Im proud of the guy who fought back...also it was totally epic WWE style

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Dude, that was fucking violent. I loved it!

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This ain't something you'd see on that Brainiac segment "Fat vs Thin" - Fat definitely decimates thin in a fight >.<

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De-STROYED.  Wow that feels so good to watch... over and over and over again.

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@Jambones said:
" @Ineedaname: No doubt already in the works somewhere in internet land. "
It already is, at the end of the embedded video it's on there as a suggested one =D 
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@Ineedaname said:

" The Guile's theme version of that is totally awesome. "

Well yeah, Guile's theme makes everything awesome.
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The blam sound after the throw was fucking epic.

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That was beautiful. 

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I hate that in school when you try to defend yourself you get in just as much trouble as the one threatening your safety and health.

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The bully almost got hit on the head. (Un)lucky him.

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Good for that kid. Nobody will fuck with him again, that's for sure.

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The real crime here is everyone knew about it, and didn't do anything to stop it.  Better the bully get his ass kicked and feel sore for a couple of days than the other guy killing himself one day out of fear. But the bottom line here is this: High School fucking sucks.
Also, what the hell are they saying. I thought they were speaking another language for a second.

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HAW!! No wonder the piledriver's banned!  I knew a kid exactly like that in Jr. high, little shrimpy bastard.

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Victim gets suspended for self-defense. Typical. 

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@Landon said:
" High School fucking sucks. "
Unless everyone was a small freshmen that could not have been highschool.
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Marvelous! Amazing!

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That'll teach him to pick on someone twice as heavy as him...

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I'm happy for that kid but it looks like that bullie's friends want to kick his ass now. It's cowardly how bullies have to be in big groups in order to feel big. 

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Good stuff. 
I thought the skinny bitch was the one who was standing up for himself.  
Seriously, what made that kid think that was a good idea? 
Why would a kid skinnier than Paris Hilton think it was a good idea to pick on that guy? 
Props to Casey for standing up for himself! 
I was bullied as a kid and I stood up for myself so I know what he's feeling like.  
The school system was shit for me though. 
It was easy for my bullies to get out of trouble. All they had to say was "We're just boys being boys" 
Thankfully, when I knocked one of those fucks out, the school system was still shit and didn't even realize he had gotten a fat black and green eye. 
I think Casey should be The Rock's new tag team partner

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I kinda expected him to land on his head. Would have still been funny but not as much as this.

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@Ineedaname said:
" @Jambones said:
" @Ineedaname: No doubt already in the works somewhere in internet land. "
It already is, at the end of the embedded video it's on there as a suggested one =D  "
Holy cow. Well, now that's sorted I can sleep in peace tonight.
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I literally cringed. That kid got wrecked. 

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A zero-tolerance policy only makes it so the school doesn't have to be held responsible for anything.  
Good on ya Casey, hopefully people will just look at this and realize it's a case of just deserts.

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That just made my day.

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I love the fact that the bully was cac handed and crying.

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@SethPhotopoulos said:
" @Landon said:
" High School fucking sucks. "
Unless everyone was a small freshmen that could not have been highschool. "
Yeah that had to be middleschool or something.  
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@SethPhotopoulos said:
" @Landon said:
" High School fucking sucks. "
Unless everyone was a small freshmen that could not have been highschool. "
That article said he was 16. I graduated when I was 18, he should be in high school. 
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Please tell me theres already a Youtube edit of this... I want to hear "Ultimate Atomic Bustaaaaaaah!" with this clip.

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that was brutal 
i know we all hate bullies, but damn that was brutal 
lesson: if you bully someone they may pick you up and slam you into the ground
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He might not have landed on his head but the fun part is that his ankle gets fucked up. 

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haha justice is served. 
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PERFECT (well, nearly.)

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I fucking LOVE that kid. My new hero.

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@cyraxible: Zero-tolerance is the stupidest thing. It allows teachers and school boards to be lazy and instead of actually investigating the incident or taking 5 minutes to see who was clearly in the wrong they punish everyone involved.