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D. I've been drinking coffee since I was a teen, it probably energized me back then. Now, in my 20's it doesn't do much.

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I drink 4 litres of tea a day and it doesn't do anything.

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I don't feel anything but I still have trouble sleeping if I've had coffee too soon before bed.

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I answered 3, but realistically I'm more like a 2.5.

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I have mixed results with caffeine. Pop doesn't do crap to me. With energy drinks there are times when I'll fall asleep an hour or two later and times when they will keep me awake for a long time.

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I don't drink coffee, and rarely drink soda, so I don't really know.

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The very few times I've drunk energy drinks for the sole purpose of energizing me it worked very well. Maybe it's because I practically never consume caffeine (in large doses present in things such as coffee).

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I never really feel anything.

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@AlisterCat said:

I drink 4 litres of tea a day and it doesn't do anything.

I drink 2 litres a day and nothing.

Same with energy drinks. Maybe coffee is the only one that does something.

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@face15 said:

I answered 3, but realistically I'm more like a 2.5.

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It used to wake me up in the morning when I was in high school. It doesn't anymore but I can still use it to keep me awake at night. So it is affective but the poll only refers to waking up so I will abstain from voting.

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Needed to be done.

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It's been a while since caffeine had any effect on me. Used to wake me up though.

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Nada. Once I discovered tea, I stopped drinking coffee, besides in the morning.

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Caffeine, sadly, doesn't do a whole lot for me. I honestly don't feel any different if I have a cup of coffee in the morning versus not having one. Still drink it pretty regularly, but not as a pick-me-up.

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Caffeine makes me more sleepy.

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It makes me sleepy

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I don't drink coffee or tea. It's funny to see how people feel they need coffee so badly.

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Caffeine slightly energizes me. Sadly, one of its...other qualities is almost always functional with me.

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I love my tea but I have never been able to get into coffee. I've never noticed any effects so I'm voting D.

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A cup of coffee at night before bed or a Monster or Red Bull(Yeah ok, those last two are weak, but still) and I lie down and almost instantly fall asleep.

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Small amounts like a cup of coffee really do nothing for me. Large amounts wake me up and make me more attentive but that's all.

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Nothing to me, but if my dad even has half a glass of Coke or the like, he won't be able to sleep all night.

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I don't drink caffeine often, but when I do, my energy level is accurately decried in the fourth option,

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I just like the taste of soda. Which has led to my complete immunity of caffeine.

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it kinda helps me wake up in the morning but not really. i just like coffee and soda and now if i don't drink it i get a headache, so...fuck.

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I really can't tell, I don't drink them that often anymore, but energy drinks don't really do anything for me. I don't like Coffee either, I also get up early each day so that all may be a factor.

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Usually drink 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning to get me energized and more focused throughout the day. Since caffeine is also a diuretic, it also makes me pee like a motherfucker.

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A little bit of caffeine turns me into a motor mouth. Past that I have anxiety attacks or turn into a huge asshole.

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It makes me a jittery mess. I feel like a tweaker.

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I drink Tea occasionally. Usually don't have anything with caffeine.

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Coffee can wake me up, so I guess a large dose of it? But even that doesn't fuel me for more than an hour.

Caffeine in general, though? It prevents me from going to sleep but doesn't actually wake me up more. Effects of having drunk it a lot since childhood.

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I used to drink caffeine all the fucking time but was getting sick of the headaches so one day I said fukkit and quit cold turkey.

Now I can barely handle any caffeine. On the rare occasions when I absolutely HAVE to drink coffee in order to stay awake for some work or while driving, I end up in this really crazy head-space of paranoia. Like I start worrying that I'm going to fall into the sky or spontaneously combust and shit like that.

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Not much really, but it's ok 'cause I drink tea and coffee for the taste.

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I don't drink coffee or tea. It's funny to see how people feel they need coffee so badly.

I guess laughing at addicts can be funny?
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It doesn't work on me either.

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Im really bad at judging this kind of thing for some reason, but Im pretty sure it doesn´t do shit to me, I do enjoy drinking it though.

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If I don't have a cup of coffee int he morning I get a really bad headache and basically can't function. I have an addiction.

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Caffeine doesn't really have any noticeable effect on me. If I drink gallons of caffeinated beverages before going to bed, I'll stay awake for longer than normal but I don't feel any less tired or more energetic. And one or two cups won't even keep me awake longer than normal.

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I need it in the morning to get up, it's got to be at least a cup and a half, but more like three. It is effective for me until 2:30pm but then I want to fall asleep. It resumes being effect from 5-7 but then after dinner it does nothing, I want to fall asleep.

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Where's the: Caffeine makes me shit, a lot.

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It does make me a little more aware, but I have drinked caffeine for so long the effect isn't so strong anymore.

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@crazyleaves said:


I don't drink coffee or tea. It's funny to see how people feel they need coffee so badly.

I guess laughing at addicts can be funny?

Yes it's pathetic and sad. That's what makes it funny.

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Energy drinks don't really do anything for me anymore, but give me a cup of black coffee and I will be so energetic I will twitch for hours!

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My sister begged to get to try coffee when she was a child, and when I worked with her at the same shop a few years back she would basically collapse and whine about being tired if she wasn't carrying two cans of red bull ready to chug, on top of the coffee she had for "breakfast" at home, the caffeine bar she had on the ride to work, and the early morning brew at work. She got better after she got pregnant but jesus christ. Compare her to some other gal her age who didn't get into caffeine, put them at physical work, stress their minds a little, see what happens to the one who doesn't get the caffeine she needs so bad. Same thing with nicotine addiction, it's sad to see how this terrible addiction puts people in mental, physical and financial ruin.
Take opium rectally instead. Better for your skin too.

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Depends on the format. If we are talking normal then nothing, if we are talking in the version with the prefix Mr. then it's a party!

Fun fact: Studies show that people who drink 5 or more cups of coffee a day are twice as likely, as people who don't drink any coffee, to hallucinate.