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In case this hasn't already been posted Cards Against Humanity is now officially available on Amazon in the UK. Heard about it through twitter and have ordered myself a copy.

So any fellow Brits who have been waiting for this, the wait is finally over.

Christmas family game time should be a lot more interesting this year.

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Adapted from the American edition to suit your outmoded culture

Hah, might buy it simply on that bullet point alone.

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Finally! Why didn't they send out their newsletter?

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I bought the UK version and all three expansions. The UK specific cards are delightful.

Also the address to send complaints and legal threats to is The Estate of General George Washington in Virginia, which cracked me up.

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Finally. I can now get rid of my really poorly cut home printed version and give money to the right people instead of being gouged over eBay.

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Oh well. I had finally cracked and got a set and the expansions a couple of weeks back when the extortionate markup prices had dropped a little.

I regret nothing, still worth every penny.

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@atlas: Did they replace cards or add new ones? I'm worried that there might be a lot of UK specific jokes that other Europeans won't understand.

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@forcen: I get the impression that it's mostly small tweaks to existing cards to change the language ("ass" is often changed to "bum", "pants" is changed to "trousers", "jerking off into a pool of children's tears" is now "wanking into...") and some entirely unique cards that may be replacements for cards that were in the original US version and wouldn't resonate in the UK because they're specific cultural references. The set is very UK-focused, playing on our stereotypes and our culture - I kinda doubt that people outside of the UK know who Jimmy Saville is, but if you know who he is then you know why the card has so much hilariously awful potential. So honestly I think buy it because it's cheaper than importing from the US, but understand that all the US cultural references have pretty much just been replaced with UK cultural references. If anything that might be worse for people outside the UK, because US culture tends to spread itself more than ours does, and because the internet uses so many US cultural references, so most people at least have some awareness of who Bill Nye the Science Guy is, but will people outside the UK get why "Doing a shit in Pudsey Bear's eyehole" is so funny? Probably not.

Also none of the expansions have been updated, they're the same as the US versions, which is fine for me but just something to bear in mind.

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Are there still cards in there which talk about things most people here in the UK have never heard of?

Edit: It would seem not.

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@forcen: The UK edition card list can be found here, judging from the first few pages there seems to be quite a bit of UK specific stuff.

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Damn I got the main game through other means! Why couldn't I have waited!?

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What ever happened to that Big Black Box? I was kind of hoping that they would be selling it via Amazon so I could buy all the expansions easily at once.

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Aww man, I just imported the US edition and now I'm missing out on all these great UK specific cards.

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@atlas @nubikal Thanks, but it looks like they won't ship them to Sweden anyway:(

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Crap, don't make me buy them all again :(

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I got it from Amazon in June from UK sellers. I prefer the US version of the cards.

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I would get them, but I don't have anybody to play them with.

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I would get them, but I don't have anybody to play them with.

Get in lots of debt by going to university. It worked for me.

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@sooty: I ended up going into work instead of Uni, I went for the moneyz

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@sooty: I ended up going into work instead of Uni, I went for the moneyz

how selfish of you