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Someone had to make one.


#2 Posted by Toseph (391 posts) -

Pie! I'm suprised it took this long for a Cake vs Pie topic

#3 Posted by Krypton (349 posts) -

Cake lol

#4 Posted by lux (129 posts) -

Cake all the way.

#5 Posted by Locke (335 posts) -

But. The cake is a Pie.

#6 Posted by DaveDog (75 posts) -

cake!!!! no wait.... pie!!!! actually wait definitely cake!!!!

#7 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

Cake of course

#8 Posted by DarkColouredCoffee (2 posts) -

P.I.E all the way!

#9 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

cake, pie is a lie :P

#10 Posted by dillonator (167 posts) -

Cheese cake or get to steppin'. 

#11 Posted by Disgaeamad (1404 posts) -

Has to be cake

#12 Posted by LouChou (491 posts) -

How many cake or pie topics have there been now?

I keep thinking it's the same topic...

#13 Posted by Gerbil (8 posts) -

Why aren't cake and pie in the alignment options?

#14 Posted by HazBazz (1924 posts) -

Pie, because you can have it either savory or sweet.

#15 Posted by Duke (63 posts) -

One night my friends decided we should make a hybrid cake pie, it was insanity i tell you. Cake mix inside of a pie crust. It tasted great but the mess it caused outweighed the awesome.


#16 Posted by izzy (57 posts) -

I can't believe that there are so many cake lovers here. Pie til the day I die.

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Definitely cake, Pie is way way way overrated.

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Shouldn't this be n off topic?

#19 Posted by lilan (11 posts) -

cake for sure

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Cake, because there are some seriously disgusting pies out there.

#23 Posted by MayorQuimby (31 posts) -

GIve me PIE or give me death.

#24 Posted by MattyFTM (14632 posts) -

The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie

But yeah, cake beats pie in every possible way.

#25 Posted by Farmer (342 posts) -

Cake can take many more forms than pie. Cake.

#26 Posted by TheSnakeOfWar (78 posts) -

If i have to go through Portal again just to get a piece of cake It better be the best damn Cake ever! But wait its choclate hmm...
Yeah i go with Cake Now Excuse im going to play portal

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The winner is Pie! Chicken-pie is the awesome...

#28 Posted by JustPlainLucas (37 posts) -

Pie, definately pie.

#29 Posted by Lilja (132 posts) -

Pie. Just because blueberries tastes much better in pies.

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Totally cake.

#31 Posted by sketch (196 posts) -

Pie, it can be dinner and a dessert

#32 Posted by AndrewGPM (130 posts) -

Unless is a really good cake... or really good pie.

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Pies, really.
Cakes can be so damn over the top and barfy, pies are always nice!

#35 Posted by viking (66 posts) -

Pies tends to be more healthy... That's why CAKE is the obvious winner!

#36 Posted by Jonathan (680 posts) -

If Funnel cake is included then I would have to say cake. But both cake and pie suck.

#37 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Pie, there can be no argument in this!

#38 Posted by smeff6969 (14 posts) -

Pie all the way! Forget all you cake eaters!

#39 Posted by RowdyRob (221 posts) -

Cake =]

#40 Posted by DwM_Glitch (27 posts) -

Well it has to be Triple Fudge Cake.....if not fudge cake then pie is better. (Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin, Lemon Meringue)

#41 Posted by Hulk (448 posts) -

Hulk like both but Hulk like other intellectual giants like pie more.  Hulk favorite is key lime pie.  HULK SMASH CAKE.

#42 Posted by Archaic (53 posts) -

Pie because it reflects who I am. Hot and saucy.

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Cake has gotten a little too sweet for my liking lately. So gonna have to go with Pie.

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Cake Wins
#47 Posted by Jigen (199 posts) -

Pie is far far superior.  Cake is too rich and makes me feel sick in extreme cases.  Also cake is often dry and makes me cough.

However, a very superior cake is better than a vile pie.

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why not both??? jk Cake

#50 Posted by _Horde (851 posts) -

Pie, always.