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This seems lacking...

I like cake, but not the band.

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I had their version of 'Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps' play at my wedding with the full approval of my wife.

Take that as you will.

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I like Short Skirt/Long Jacket, but that's all I really know from them.

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I like 'em a lot. They're great live.

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If there was a option for okay, then that's what i will say. yay

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Cake is great. Primus sucks. Weird indie rock is great.

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They're OK. I've only heard a few of their songs though. Some of them have an interesting sound, but the main vocalist is a bit lacking.

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Love Cake. I need to check out their newest album though. I heard it still sounds like Cake, so yay for them!

I love their cover of "I Will Survive"

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Never There and Going the Distance are pretty great.

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"Frank Sinatra" has been my go to song since 10th grade and I'm a senior in college.

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What does Primus have to do with it? I like both

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I really enjoy them. Satan Is My Motor is one of my favorite songs.

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Only Cake song I like is their cover of Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night" for the Stubb's the Zombies video game.

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Cake shits on their hometown and are a bunch of whiny bitches. War Pigs was the worst cover ever, however, I do like their Fashion Nugget CD.

Also, option C is awesome.

@SomeDeliCook said:

What does Primus have to do with it? I like both

If you don't get it, you aren't a true fan of Primus. =P

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I really wanted to pick both a and c here since I love both

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Every album sounds exactly the same.

Like AC/DC.

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Seeing them live next month, should be awesome.

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Eff yeah, Frank Sinatra.

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I had my knife ready and everything.

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Comfort Eagle is amazing, so is Going the Distance.

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Been a fan for a long time and always enjoy their stuff.

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One the greatest bands of all time. They have their own unique and instantly recognizable style.

I've seen some incredible musicians live: King Crimson, Chick Corea, Bela Fleck, Allman Brothers, but Cake was one of the best. Big, big energy, flawless performances, great improvisations, and McCrea is a true showman, really knows how to work the crowd and get them involved in the concert. One of the best times of my life.

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I've never liked them.

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Originality and a strong groove, what's not to like?

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@Jams: Flea wishes he could play like Claypool, and I'll fight anyone who says Primus doesn't suck.

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If by "Primus sucks" you mean "Primus is fucking awesome" then I'm going to have to go with C.

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They're alright. Where's the poll option for that?

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I only know their most popular tracks but the horns on "Never There" are fucking great. The singer has a really unique style too.

EDIT: He was probably really Lou Reed influenced but Lou Reed is nothing more than a pretentious cunt to me so fuck that shitdick and his horseshit self-centered art rock. NO I'M NOT BITTER ABOUT LULU SHUT UP!

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Fashion Nugget was a good album and Short Skirt/Long Jacket was the intro music for Chuck, which gets bonus points from me, as well as a good song in it's own right. That about sums up my feelings about Cake.

No Portal jokes as of yet? Anyone? To played out? ... Well fuck you guys I still like 'em.

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You don't even play piano, I'm the one who plays piano.