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I have a new Xbox360 and I have it connected to my tv through an HDMI cord. My old Xbox360 (original) but my new S seems to have display issues. The set keeps resetting once it said it had resolution issues and but I check the display settings on the system and everything should be fine. It's set to 1080i for my 1080i television set. My old xbox had no trouble. Is it the cord? Please tell me it's the cord. Because if it's the system or the TV. I'm going to freak the fuck out. I just got the Xbox this week and a new TV would just break the bank further.

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Was it a cheap cord?

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Yes it is. Also further illumination. My PS3 doesn't have any trouble either.

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It could be the cord, but you're not really telling us enough to find out what the real issue is. Try it on a friend's TV, and try another cord. Also, I use cheap HDMI cords and they work just fine; an over-priced cord doesn't guarantee anything.

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I don't have any friends:(

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Just drop the signal to 720p. Might as well since all the games are 720p native.

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@SexyToad said:

Was it a cheap cord?

A $5 HDMI vs. a $60 one will make no difference at the length we're talking about for a bedroom or living room setup.

Make sure the cable isn't scrunched up or being pressed on by anything. (at the point where it connects to the TV and back of the 360)

When I had one of my cables too close to the wall (it was being pressured) every so often the signal would cut out and come back on, stopped doing it once I moved my amp forward.

If it's just a case of the settings being reset then that's probably not the TVs fault, the 360 is only meant to reset itself if you hold the Y button when it boots - or something.

Edit: and you should be using 720P for gaming, not 1080i. (fast, moving images) I'm guessing you don't have a 1920x1080 panel otherwise you'd be using 1080P, so 1080i is doubly pointless.

1080i isn't as good as 1080p and it certainly won't give you any benefit if you're on a 1280x720 or 1368x768 spec TV.

Do they even sell '1080i televisions'? I always assumed people used 1080i because they think it's similar to 1080p, which it really isn't.

In addition, isn't 1080i limited to 30FPS? So won't that fuck up fighting games and mess up the framerate of others? Or will the 360 just force itself into 720P or lower?

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Are you using your PS3 with the same set, with a HDMI cable? Even if that's the case I think you might need a component cable for your 360, perhaps best contact MS first and explain the situation, people went through this stuff when the S launched.
(It's all about what identification data the display has and how it's parsed back and forth, old 360 was far less picky)

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@Sooty: I've bought several "cheap" cables in the past. They look the exact same as a expensive cables, but they are cheap. I have a cabke that I have to struggle with often.

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My television is a 1080i Sylvania set. I have my PS3 connected to the same set. The funny thing is it doesn't always have issues. Sometimes I play for hours without problems only to turn it off and then come back to issues.

@rebgav: It's the tv losing signal.

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I hope it's not the TV. If you think it's the cable return and you have the receipt, see if you can exchange or return it to the store. I would also suggest using http://www.monoprice.com/ for all your cable needs. Good quality, inexpensive, fast shipping, and offers a variety of colors and lengths. Best of luck.