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So, I use the Silver Bird Extention for twitter to browse my twitter feed because its really convenient and easy to use. Was working FINE this morning. Put the PC to sleep and went to work.. and now I can't get the damn thing to work. Well, I should say the extention is "working" but i can't get it to authenticate properly. I'll click the button to authenticate twitter will grant the app access and then when I click on the button to start using the extention it sends me back to the authencation screen on twitter. So I'm basically stuck in this authencation loop. I've un-installed and re-installed the extention cleared removed access from twitter.com directly and retried and no matter what I'm doing the damn thing just doesn't want to authenticate properly.

Any suggestions? Cause its a real pain in the ass to have to use the web version of twitter.

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The web version isn't the best, since you said yourself your PC went to sleep I'd try restart the system altogether then un-install/re-install, but I'm guessing you're not an idiot so maybe try delete your chrome altogether (Users\Appdata\chrome) and beginning from the start (sorry)

Also "Tweet deck" is a hell of an app. (let me know how it goes)

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Hmm... upon further digging seems others are having this same issue. Wondering if the new Chrome update released today is to blame?