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So I managed to land myself some interviews with a couple of bands in the next few weeks and I need to purchase a camcorder to film them!!

Do you guys know what models the GB chaps have used for years? Or just any handheld HD cameras that do a good job with great image quality for around the £200 mark?

Thankyou very much for any feedback!! :D

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Do you currently own any gear? Your interviews will be infinitely more watchable if you have mics and decent sound quality. This is especially true if you are going to be uploading the videos online, where the video itself will be compressed anyway.

What setting will you be interviewing in? Will it be one or many people at once? Roundtable? Informal? Knowing the situation can stretch your dollar and help us give you a recommendation.

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Just use your phone, and remember to hold it horizontal.

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Also be sure to get a mic. Don't use the built-in microphone of the camcorder for your interviews.

You may already be aware of this, but just in case you're not: it'll sound really amateurish if you use the mic built-in to the camcorder. You should probably be asking questions about microphones as well if you're not informed. I don't think they should be too expensive, though I could be wrong there.

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H4N Zoom mic is a workhorse. You should just borrow or rent a DSLR if you are filming a band interview and capture some band footage to edit in while you are at it.

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Hey guys thanks for all the feedback!! I only had about an hour to make a decision last night but luckily I picked the Sony HDR CX190 which is what Korwin recommended!!

So far its actually pretty amazing, as well as having a 'mic zoom' function that hones in on the sound you're pointing at so that I (maybe) dont have to get an external mic.

As for the interviews I'll be interviewing British rockers Turbowolf and guitar messiah Jon Gomm (hopefully you've heard of them!). Turbo I think will be all four members and Jon is a one man show, both will be at their respective gigs backstage, so I'd assume I'll be let into some back room and can set up equipment nice n simple!

However I am curious on the microphone question, as I don't know how to attach an external mic or what the process is for recording audio 'professionally'. Any help on that side of things would be extremely helpful!!

Thanks guys, the GB crew continues to be the best online source of everything haha! :D

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200 pounds?

For that you can get a used iphone...

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I have an Sony Xperia Arc S that can do awesome video capture, but I dont wanna roll in and use my phone to record artists that have been interviewed by much more major companies!

I'd like to maintain some semblance of professionalism as I'm going to be doing this kinda thing a lot! :D