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Hey guys,

I'd done a search through the boards and couldn't find anything else about this.

Has anyone else been following the election?
Anyone else voted?
Any opinions on current polling trends?
Where do you stand on parties?


Personally, I voted on the very first day I could (advanced polling, hurrah) and was impressed with how many other people were there - especially as I live in a relatively 'hick' town! I was also impressed with talking with some of the people who were voting while waiting in line and seeing how few of them felt the Conservatives were worthy of their vote again (again, hick-ish town).

Anyways, I'd love to hear how us Canadians feel about all this.

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I've already voted. I'm a card carrying member of the Liberal Party of Canada so I voted Liberal. My riding (Nanaimo-Alberni) is a Conservative stronghold so it's a little sad that my candidate has no chance of winning. 

As far as the polling goes, I'm taking it worth a grain of salt. Due to our first past the post system, it doesn't always transfer to the total number of seats.