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I just got both sets delivered from amazon, unfortunately, thanks to school I won't be able to check them out for another couple of days. I printed the PDF version a little over a month ago but I read on their website that they've made a number of changes to the main set. Has anybody played both versions? If so, what do you think of the changes?

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Jeff bought his own set, maybe they'll do some more video of that. I'd watch the hell out of another round of the guys playing.

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I picked up the base set, but the expansion pack was unfortunately already sold out.

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This makes me wish I had friends... Nothing else does however. Fuck friends.

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I got my cards today... inside the box were...a bunch of small little bugs and a freakin' spider that was still alive. What the hell? Oh, and the box of cards was in there, too. A lot heavier than I imagined. Can't wait to play it.

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I feel like amazon has been sold out of the man game for an eternity.

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@Seroth said:

I got my cards today... inside the box were...a bunch of small little bugs and a freakin' spider that was still alive. What the hell? Oh, and the box of cards was in there, too. A lot heavier than I imagined. Can't wait to play it.

That's amazing. That's an added bonus making -certain- you know that this game is inherently evil.

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Got my set and expansion in the mail today as well... Surprised by how man more white cards there were to black cards but whatever. I believe the first card I picked by random was pac-man uncontrollably guzzling cum... I think I'm going to lose a lot of friends playing this.

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I have no idea hat you all are talking about - can anyone help me out please?

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Does anyone want to help me ship a set?

The card set won't ship internationally, but I have an Amazon account, so I figure I can send it to some guy's house and he ship it to me?

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Anyone in the UK managed to successfully import a copy?

I really need a set of these, not sure about making them myself though.

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@GingerBear16: yeah I'm currently looking at contacting some places that make business cards and seeing if they can print them up for me, looks like it'll cost about £20-30. But yeah I'd love a boxed set if I could get my hands on it.

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i live in Australia so im screwed. printing off a set wont be the same..

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Although the PDF/printed version is better than nothing, the new set is great! I'm not sure which cards they switched out from previous versions, but, I don't miss them. I played this game several times on the set I personally printed out; the new cards plus the expansion add a great deal of fun to an already winning formula.

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i just got mine from Snakes and Lattes in Toronto and it came with a "Canadian Conversion Kit" inside

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@randiolo: It sucks sometimes doesn't it?

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The first card I looked at from the expansion just said "A big black dick" and I knew that the expansion was a worthwhile purchase.

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I wouldn't mind printing a set since it's sold out atm. I'm in the UK, any ideas?

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Well, the Cards Against Humanity Twitter and Facebook have both stated that we should sign up before tomorrow, so hopefully that means the main set and the expansion will finally be available again.

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@SMTDante89 Oh I hope so.
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Ok, so after a few delays with getting the new shipment to Amazon, the game and first expansion are finally BACK IN STOCK!

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They won't ship the expansion to the UK. Lame.

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Bought both the game and expansion. Can't wait to get them!

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@AlisterCat: A few people asked about that on Twitter, they say to contact them through e-mail (cardsagainsthumanity@gmail.com) so there may still be hope!

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Score! Just ordered it. Really looking forward to seeing who the "Brad" is with my buddies.

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The first expansion is apparently already sold out, but the main game is still available.

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I think I may have got the last of the expansion. Sorry guys.

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Nabbed the full game, but it looks like the first expansion is sold out. Fuck

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@AlisterCat $73 (£47) for both the game and expansion, plus shipping.

$38 shipping is crazy :(
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@MegaMetaTurtle: Just ordering the expansion was $38 shipping... for a $10 expansion. Way too much.

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@AlisterCat A real shame, was looking forward to buying a set.

Hopefully something else gets worked out sometime :/
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Yep, expansion's sold out, but I got the main game.

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I know a few days ago they stated on Twitter the next shipment will be available sooner, in two weeks instead of six. Not sure if that will hold but time will tell.

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I needed that expansion. :(

I also still haven't received my "repair kit" for the misprinted cards.

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I forked out the £47. Split between a couple of friends that isn't so bad. Still crazy for a deck of cards, but it's going to the right people.

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@AlisterCat said:

They won't ship the expansion to the UK. Lame.

Yeah got the e-mail.. up at 4:45am and BAM no shipping to Aus.. lame

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@MegaMetaTurtle said:

@AlisterCat $73 (£47) for both the game and expansion, plus shipping.

$38 shipping is crazy :(

what's crazier is that the customs might put another 25-30 euros on top of my order

but I agree with MrJorOwe it's going to right people, not like theses amazon stores who stock it for 50+

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@cheeckoo Yeah, just can't justify it personally :( Potentially over £50/$80 for a deck of cards is too steep D:

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I placed my order earlier got it in time for the base game and the expansion. I've got Prime and I'm hoping it gets here in time for my friends going-away party.

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i didnt get paid until today and it sold out AGAIN. my life is like if a trainwreck and a natural disaster fucked.