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As found on Reddit, someone went ahead and made an easy-to-use, pretty entertaining online way to play Cards Against Humanity. I spent all last night playing it, and while I'm sure it doesn't compare that well to playing the game in person it was still a blast. Has anyone else around here given it a shot? It's over here if you want to try it out, though there's pretty much no one on at the moment. Appropriately enough, it usually gets more active later at night.

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There's a lot of repeat cards, I prefer the vassal version to be honest.

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That was pretty fun.

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Thanks, I'll try it later.

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This is sweet, thanks for posting/bumping.

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Hah. Thanks for sharing. Met like 5 or so GB dudes

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God damn, that was hilarious.

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OK, this is awesome. I even almost won a game. (Damn you, !)

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That was... something.

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this is great

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Didn't know how to play this game at all... seems pretty fun, heh.

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Having a Skype conference with friends while playing this would be a blast.

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This is pretty great! I wish there was individual chat rooms for games. One big communal chat room is kind of disorienting.

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This for the link. Bookmarked so I can check it out later.

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How longs a game take, roughly?

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The repeat questions are kinda a bummer. Especially when someone new comes in and plays the card that won it last time....

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@pyromagnestir: Depends on the point limit, and how many players there are. Less players, faster games.

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@pyromagnestir said:

How longs a game take, roughly?

Depends on the score settings, but it doesn't take more than 15 minutes, i would say.

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This is pretty great!

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This really needs a custom card setting.

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It's tough to get points being clever when everyone has all the good dick and fart cards :\

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@artgarcrunkle: The game definitely seems better when you keep the group at a nice compact 6 players or so. Too many and it just gets chaotic and messy.

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Seems that right now it is a chat room for duders.

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I wish I hadn't lost my manual to sean connery

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<> also "uhuhuhuhuhhu" and MICROPENIS.

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There I commented in here. Now lets get back to playing!

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Man, that was really fun. I was one card away from winning my first game. Thanks a lot for the tip!

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I won my first game!

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damn you

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Fucking Peasant, knocking me out in that last round! Loved that though. Would make a brilliant mobile game.

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@Lashe said:

Fucking Peasant, knocking me out in that last round! Loved that though. Would make a brilliant mobile game.


This game is addicting, I need help.

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Im playing right now :)

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I'm playing under the alias "dude"

This is a lot more fun than I thought it would be (not having actual people present while playing seemed like it would kill the whole thing). Good way to pass the time.

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Great, now I'm doing this all night. Is ther a way to make the chat be just with the people in your game?

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Well that was awesome. I even won a game. I must be evil.

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I love this shit.

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I can't... stop... playing...

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Played it with some friends and my boyfriend, had a laugh. Thanks for posting about it :)

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Just spent that last few hours playing this. God damn! I love that the chat is so full of duders.

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This got much more fun once I got a guy on skype with me.

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I invited my girlfriend to three games. Her mind is dirtier than I thought.

I have to buy this game.

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Whoever did this is a saint in my book.

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So, the card said: "_________ + ___________ = ____________" and I picked "doin' it in the butt" + "wiping her butt" = "Guys who don't call." I didn't win but I was happy with my selection.

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@Coafi: I am laughing so hard right now.

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Had a blast playing, will do so again. Choosing "Tasteful sideboob" as a choice for a 50-statue felt good.

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Actually pretty fun

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Oh God. I won or was one card away from winning entirely too many games for me to feel good about myself as a human being.

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I'm hosting a game if others want to join!

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I'm playing right now! Get in!