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I am not the best at writing. So if this bothers you, turn around now. This is me just throwing ideas on paper and putting it out there so my mind is able to cope.

So I am at an interesting crossroads now in my life. I have been blessed to have a beautiful daughter born in December, and bought a house just over a year ago. This is my second year teaching at the middle school I teach at, and I feel I have good security (good enough that there were rumors at the end of my first year of moving me to the high school). I do not have my professional license however, and am going to school to acquire my alternative license. I have one more year left of teaching, and a few more graduate classes to take. I am past half way finished with this process. I also get to coach, which is a huge part of me. I am a football and soccer coach. I love being able to spend time with kids teaching these sports (and I think I am pretty good because they have considered me for the high school soccer coach position). However, I do not see myself teaching middle or high school for more than 10 years.

I have an opportunity to work at a couple local community colleges full time. I have worked for community college part time for around 3 years now, and I enjoy that setting. However, one of the positions available I would have to move after having bought a house over a year ago (2 1/2 hours away). This would stop my progress made in acquiring my alternative license, so if I decided to go back and teach, I would probably have to start over (not sure on this one). But I would be moving back closer to family and where I grew up. I especially enjoy the region of one particular school because of friends and events that occur there.

I really do not know which one would present me with greater opportunities later in life. I feel that the community college route would possibly give me more time to work on my higher degrees I am working towards, but teaching allows me to coach and fill the sports hole in my life. Of course money is always a big issue, and the community college would pay more, the percent of change would be around 18%. This is without coaching supplements. With that, the percent of change is 9%.

So now I am here thinking do I stay the course and finish my alternative license, continue teaching, and just wait to see if another opportunity arises later? Or do I go ahead and jump ship and go with the opportunity that I would probably enjoy more, but would have to relocate, sell my house (isn't a great market), and give up on acquiring my professional license?

This just allowed me to get this stuff of my mind, so thanks.

As far as games go, I am addicted to FIFA 13, and just started a possible replay of Bastion (the baby loves watching me play games, so I figured all the colors in Bastion would really entertain her). I am also contemplating whether to buy Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS, or just replay MHTri on Wii. (I have a $20 cert to Best Buy to use).