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I just recently moved to a new place and doing so has really opened my eyes to just how much my game stuff is cluttering up my life. So I've been thinking recently about shoving all of my game discs in to one of those CD Binders and just tossing the plastic cases in the recycling. However, someone informed me that the sleeves will scratch the shit out of your discs. I did some research online and got mixed answers; some people say they do and some say they don't. Anyone out there in Giant Bomb land that can give me a second opinion?

Right now I've got a binder with the fabric sleeves, is there a better option or are they all terrible?

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I've been using them for many, many years and whenever I lend movies or games to friends or sell them, I always get compliments on how well-kept they are. There's going to be some natural wear and tear just from pulling the disks in and out of the sleeve, but I've seen the plastic holster in DVD cases do much worse things to disks after long term use.

Case Logic has been a pretty trusted brand for me. I have made the mistake of buying shitty cases before, but even then the issue is more of the disks sliding out of their spot more than getting scratched up.

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The larger issue for me has always been "if I misplace my binder I'm totally boned."

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The larger issue for me has always been "if I misplace my binder I'm totally boned."

For the longest I used a pretty large binder (if you saw Danny show off his in a few recent videos mine is very similar) and it almost never leaves my room. Eventually I had to empty it with the new generation and start all over again but I keep it right next to all my consoles. So there's little issue into losing or misplacing it.

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@finaldasa: I've got a toddler who loves anything that even slightly resembles a book. I think I'd become slightly unhinged thinking about him getting ahold of that at the moment. xD

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I've done zero research in this, but I imagine that higher-quality binders wouldn't do as much damage to discs as cheaper ones. Either by holding the disc more securely, or by using a material that is easier on the disc (or both.)

Honestly, though, one thing you have to remember is that the discs mainly get scratched and damaged from being moved in and out. If you're using it for storage and space-saving, and aren't going to be taking the games out constantly or moving the binder around all the time, you don't have much to worry about. Invest in a decent, well-reviewed product, and you'll be alright.

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