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Just 5 minutes away from the 1st semifinal between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Tomorrow there's the 2nd semi between Chelsea and Barcelona.

Anyone here a fan of the sport? Anyone from the respective clubs? Who are your picks to get to the final?

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Bayern & Chelsea. Torres hat trick in the final.

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I think it's pretty obviously going to be an El Classico final unless Bayern can upset Real, but my money is still on Real Madrid getting there. Chelsea have been average all season and they don't have the young legs to match Barcelona's pressing game. Plus people are saying this Barcelona team is one the best to have ever existed.

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I've put some money down on Bayern for tonight, somehow I have a feeling they'll at least manage to win tonight (watch them get destroyed).

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They've all got a good chance of winning it. I just hope Chelskea don't. I can't stand them.

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Doubtful that Chelsea will beat Barcelona, and although Bayern has some more chance (as it is a bigger club than Chelsea), very slim possibility of a non-El Clasico in the final

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Despite the loss, Real Madrid has still very good chances of making the finals. Chelsea, on the other hand, if keeps the same level of play, will be manhandled by Barcelona.

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Oh wow. That's well played from Chelsea, I'm not a Chelsea fan but congratulations to you guys. I was celebrating as if I'm a lifelong supporter when Torres scored.

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Ronaldo best in the world, Am I rite? Am I rite?

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@Jimbo said:

Bayern & Chelsea. Torres hat trick in the final.


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I was totally in the "Obviously it'll be a Clasico rematch" camp, but Chelsea played a hell of a good match (and got a little bit lucky). Wonder if Bayern can duplicate against Real.

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fuck fuck fuck now newcastle might not qualify for the champions league fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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Obligatory Gary Neville orgasm, not to be missed.

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How Chelsea got through I do not know, there are some crazy stats from the 2 legs. Would like Bayern to finish the job v Madrid. If Chelsea win the thing it would be ridiculous, but entirely predictable should Newcastle or Spurs finish 4th. This season has been pretty nuts.