#1 Posted by Nictel (2659 posts) -

Seems to me they made some changes to the mobile forum page. Just want to say that they look real nice!

#2 Posted by Snail (8772 posts) -

@Nictel: They did? Not noticing any differences.

#3 Posted by alternate (2790 posts) -

Isn't mobile site going away soon (new site built to be adaptive) so seems an odd time to make changes.

#4 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

I'm not seeing any changes.

#5 Posted by Mister_V (1620 posts) -

Yeah the new site is adaptive so I can't see why they would make changes to the mobile site when it will be replaced in a matter of weeks.

#6 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

What are the changes?

#7 Posted by Nictel (2659 posts) -

Maybe I'm just silly then. Could have sworn the green level banners and the whole way you scroll through forum threads is different. Maybe I should drink less.