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Are you a cheap gamer.Do you buy games on sale or wait till there in the greatest hits department.Black Friday your best friend? Do you buy games online for cheaper and love used games?

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Lately I suppose you could call me a cheap gamer. I haven't bought a game since L4D2 for $35 on black friday, and I've barely touched it since. There have been a number of titles that I've wanted to get, but the price tag and my current addiction to MW2 just wouldn't leave room for them. I plan on buying a PS3 sometime in the near future since I can get a 40 GB from Gamestop for $230. 

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I am a Gamefly user... so yes?

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Yes because it pays to be patient and cheap.

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I chose A but it depends on the game.
If it's an online shooter, then it pays to get it day one. If it's single player focused or an MMO, it usually pays to wait at least a little while for the price to drop or the first patch to roll out.

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This poll doesn't offer a variety of selections... I'm definitely an opportunist, taking advantage of sales on games I want, but if a game I want badly isn't on sale I'll gladly pay full price.  So I'm not sure what to select.

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I will buy a game at full price if its heavily anticipated, but if its something that looks cool but I am not sure on, I will wait for reviews, rent it, or wait for a price drop.
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Cheap, probably. I've become a more intelligent decisions when it comes to buying games. I often buy games on day one if I really want it, but other games I'll wait until a deal comes by. I also started leaning towards smaller, cheaper downloadable games that I seem to be playing more often than big budget titles nowadays.

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A. But it all depends on the game.

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Nothing wrong with that, i just wait a few months and the price goes down.

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O yeah Gamestop is having a 50% sale

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definitely reading rainbow

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Yeah. I purposely try to stay ~6 months behind and wait for games to be on sale before I buy them. I usually pay ~20 dollars or less for each game.

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In a way, I am.  I'm not paying £40 for a new, retail game.  Once it hits the £30 mark or less, then I'll buy.

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I make alot more full price purchases than I expect, thinking about it. There's only so few games where I feel I must own as soon as possible, mostly however I leave it for a few weeks then buy me a 2nd hand copy or just go with the £10 price drop thats to be found on play.com.
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" O yeah Gamestop is having a 50% sale "
i think you mean the 50% extra trade-in bonus event
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" @Iceman2913 said:
" O yeah Gamestop is having a 50% sale "
i think you mean the 50% extra trade-in bonus event "
nope you can get selct games 50% off check there website
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I only buy games I know for sure I'll like if it's a new game, otherwise I try to buy them cheap or used.

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im cheap, but only because Im Poor.

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C) has never led me wrong.

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I buy some games on release, others that I'm not "OMG STOKED" for, I can wait a little. In some cases I can die to get a game, then wait a month and realize that I don't want it anymore. So yeah.

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I just wait for sales etc, but I had to click reading rainbow.
EDIT: Which is the best? :D
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I'm a mixture of both.  There are games I'm willing to wait for to come down in price (Darksiders, Dante's Inferno, etc.), but there are some games I NEED to play.

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I am because I have to be.  I used to buy all my games new, I enjoyed supporting the industry.  Recently I haven't had the money to buy all the games I want so I have to make choices on what games to buy and rent the rest.  Other than that I've alway been one to jump on a bargain when I see one.  I get a $5 gift card from GameFly every three months and I usually use that to buy one of their pre-played games really cheap.  I just got Godfather 2 for $7 which I'm enjoying, certainly for that price.
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Blasphemy for posting the new intro. It just doesn't have the same amount of "hope" in it right?

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The original intro is clearly superior. Although, I suppose I'm a bit biased since it's the one I grew up with.
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Reading Rainbow, what were we talking about again?

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I don't have a job, so that makes it hard for me to justify $60 on a video game, when I could use that for food or clothing. Also, I have such a huge backlog of games that when I get through some of them, the "new" games from a few months prior already have deeply discounted prices. Case in point: never had time/money to pick up Brutal Legend last October,attempted to clean up my backlog, and found myself with a new copy of the game for $20. 
So that means...yes.

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Eh... I'm not really. The way I go about my purchasing business is pretty simple. The games I really want and feel I can't wait for I preorder(I just want to be clear, I wouldn't put money down for a preorder, I just order the game before it's release and it shows up at my house on the release date). For other games I wait until I feel I have the money to buy it, or I wait for the price to drop. I pretty much buy all my games online now, since it's always cheaper than the local stores and I'm pretty much guaranteed it'll show up on time.

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i'm really both. lately i haven't bought a game because i have a crapload of games that i never get to finish. i'm trying to finish them then go and play the newer games. it will be good because if i missed a game it will keep me for a while when next generation comes out, that is if it comes out around 2012.

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I've bought about 5 or 6 games new on their respective release days since October and haven't paid a single penny for any of them.

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I'm currently waiting for Final Fantasy XIII to go down in price.  $40 is an acceptable price for me.  Even if it would take years.

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@RsistncE said:
" I've bought about 5 or 6 games new on their respective release days since October and haven't paid a single penny for any of them. "
lol this is a cheap gamer
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I chose C. because it really depends on the game for me. Some games a will pre-order because I want them fast. Most of the time I gamefly is my friend.

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I guess.