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I remember Vinny saying something about "chicken in the kitchen" in a Bombcast a few months ago. He kept saying it to Ryan and it got more hilarious. Do you guys remember which bombcast it was?  Did I make this up? Have I just lost my mind?
I found this song, and I don't know if Vinny was referring to this when he said "chicken in the kitchen".

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lol good stuff

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@skywing: Do you remember the episode I'm talking about?
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an african american singer singing about chicken ? in the kitchen (which narrows it down to chicken as a meal) ? 
hey man i dont know u bye

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@Ahmad_Metallic: Are you making an implication that deserves a .gif?
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@artofwar420: yes i do it had me laughing my ass off on the bus ride to school
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When he serves up the main course, she always gets her choice of sides. I guess the man likes food.

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I don't know who this Robert Cray fellow is but he embarrasses me. I do remember hearing that phrase on a bombcast that aired not too long ago. The only way to be sure is to backtrack through the Bomcasts.
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No dude, you're not crazy. I remember that episode, but I don't remember exactly which Bombcast it was. I remember them jokingly saying that Chicken in the Kitchen was some type of cracker/biscuit or something. Now this'll totally make me obsessed for the rest of the night.

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Yes, I remember. It inexplicably haunts my brain every time I am cooking chicken. thanx Vinny. As to which one...?

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 I think it was around the time they got those gigantor gummy bears.  

 Don't do this to your gummy bear.
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It was definitely one of the ones from 2010, I just had a marathon last weekend to catch up, and I distinctly remember hearing it.

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So no one remembers what episode it was?