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I myself am still on the fence on this one. There are a lot of nasty unhealthy things said about both of these so currently I've been drinking a lot of juice ,water, and milk but I still find myself needing a caffeine jolt now and again so I'm just curious which one you folks prefer.

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I drink Tea. 
Don't like soda and coffee gives me really bad breath.

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Diet Coke, I could drink it all day, its basically water anyways.

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I am indeed coffee crazy.

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Soda even though it's probably a lot worse for you.

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Coffee! Tim Horton's Coffee to be specific.

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@Unchained said:

Coffee! Tim Horton's Coffee to be specific.

Tim Horton's is amazing!
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I don't like coffee but love fizzy drinks.

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Soda, everyday.

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Coffee is better than pop.

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Coffee with breakfast. Pop with lunch. Beer or wine with dinner. Water in between.

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Not a fan of hot drinks.

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Why the fuck does it have to be one or the other?

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@DystopiaX said:

Why the fuck does it have to be one or the other?

I can't imagine a situation where I have to decide between soda or coffee.

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Depends on the weather & time of day as well as if I have cold sodas here otherwise I'll just make coffee & if desired cold just stick it in the fridge. As long as it's not the crappy tasting diet sodas, both choices win.

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I only drink water these days. I used to drink Fanta like it was water, and now I'm left with the yellow teeth to prove it.

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All the coffee responses made me think of this:

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Soda makes you fat.

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Coffee addict over here.

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My mother once measured out the amount of sugar in a can of Coke, which is 39 grams. O_o I switched to Diet Coke after I learned I have an insulin problem, and now I've lost my taste for extreme sugar in many things I used to love; I can't drink regular Coke, it tastes disgusting. However artificial sweeteners can taste even worse, and I notice the artificial sweetener in Diet Coke gives me a headache if I don't have food along with the soda. So usually I drink a lot of tea and several cups of coffee every day. I love Peet's French roast. I drink diet soda usually with salty foods like popcorn. And on a hot day it really tastes great.

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@billyhoush said:

Coffee with breakfast. Pop with lunch. Beer or wine with dinner. Water in between.

This exactly! Though it's winter here, so I'm more likely to substitute some kind of tea for the water.
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soda, is the drink, to drink. i only have coffee when i am having dessert.

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You can dunk bread into coffee, you can't do that with soda. (well you can, but it tastes horrible)

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Coffee has more caffiene, as well as some health benefits. So I'll take coffee, but I would pick tea over both.

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I have never liked coffe and stopped drinking soda completely a few years ago.

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@Slaker117 said:
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Soda is for fat people.

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Why not just water?

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Pop gives you man boobs. Coffee is superior.

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Caffeine gives me cluster headaches, so neither!

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@SlashseveN303 said:

@DystopiaX said:

Why the fuck does it have to be one or the other?

I can't imagine a situation where I have to decide between soda or coffee.

No kidding, I might want a Soda as a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day, but I like a nice coffee after meals, or when I need the energy.

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Soda, but i do enjoy a good cup of coffee though.

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Soda. Coffee makes me vomit. The aroma is enough to make me queasy. Sucks cause my parent's come from one of the top 15 producers of coffee in the world (El Salvador, #15 lol).

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I work at Starbucks, but I hate coffee.
I like soda, but I gave it up because it's unhealthy.

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Pepsi Max foo'

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Pig's blood.

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Soda. I don't drink coffee.

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A nice round coffee always hits the spot. Not too bitter, but a little bite on the end of the taste never hurt anyone. Damn, that is something fine.

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I voted coffee, but my girlfriend and I are both in the process of making the switch over to Coke Zero.