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Which is your favorite?

I personally prefer Pepsi over Coke.

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Coke but I have no idea why, seem the same really.

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Na dude
Coke all the way

#4 Posted by nickystixx (184 posts) -

Pepsi. coke leaves a bad after taste. I think pepsi is sweeter.

#5 Posted by Soopy (46 posts) -

Pepsi. Coke makes my teeth fall apart.

#6 Posted by Jensonb (1750 posts) -

I like both, but Coke

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coke > pepsi

#8 Posted by KindGalaxy (429 posts) -

Coke Zero. It's got all that cancer-causing artifical flavouring the default Coke doesn't!

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I don't actually drink either, but since the latter actually has a game, that's the one I'll consistently root for. You can't go against a superhero mascot like that.

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While i can drink both just fine, I prefer coke.

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You know I like both.

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Seems like me, Soopy and nicky are outnumbered :(

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They both mix equally well with alcohol, so I can't really play favourites.

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Coke... even though I'll have them both

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Pepsi for me.

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They taste almost the same to me so I have no special preference one way or the other.

#18 Posted by Charles (90 posts) -

Coke for cola.... pepsi products for everything else. exp. Mountain Dew, mist, and more

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KindGalaxy said:
"Coke Zero. It's got all that cancer-causing artifical flavouring the default Coke doesn't!
thats the spirit! i actually can't tell the difference.
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Coke all the way.

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I like both but I prefer coke.

#22 Posted by Demilich (2599 posts) -

Coke was here
Pepsi is a loser

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I find Coke gives me a headache... then my nose starts to bleed and I feel funny. That's when I switch to Pepsi.

#24 Posted by War (19 posts) -

Do the Dew!

#25 Posted by Aquaman (41 posts) -

Do the Mello Yellow!

#26 Posted by Rianor (94 posts) -

I actually agree with War and Aquaman if were going beyond the initial Coke or Pepsi. I love my Mountain Dew!

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Coke, Pepsi is too sweet. Or something.

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Pure coke.

Pepsi has a vanilla after taste or something.

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Coke from mexico..

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Pepsi, I like it just a bit more than coke

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Pepsi is way too sweet

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Water > all

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Pepsi for me but Coke is okay too.

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Coke is a better mixer than Pepsi, but I prefer Pepsi.

And I stand by the opinion that Pepsi Max is the best of the Diet/No Sugar cola drinks around

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Coke...By far.

#37 Posted by Duke (60 posts) -

Coke Zero & Pepsi Max. Am i the only one?

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Coke, definitely coke.  As Disclaim3r and Hk47 said, Pepsi is too sweet.

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I haven't had soda in over a year but from my soda drinking heyday, I remember Coke being far superior to Pepsi.

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Pepsi, why? Because, it has a kick to it that isn't in Coke. Same reason I pick Sprite over Sierra Mist and why I choose Vernors over every other Ginger Ale in existence.

Side note: Vernors is native to Michigan as it is bottled in Detroit or at least was. I'd love if the bombcast crew took a swig of Vernors unigue taste. Be warned though Vernors is EXTREMLY strong, you can't put a freshly opened can to your nose without sneezing and taking a sip for the first time is likely to burn your throat.

It's an aquirred "Pop" taste. Also, if you haven't had Faygo Rock & Rye you have not lived.

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Coke usually, although I like rootbeer more than both.

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Coke is the correct answer.

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Coke for me.

#45 Posted by Grambyte (104 posts) -

Well depends how thirsty I am. For instance if I'm very thirsty I'll drink anything. If I'm not all that thirsty I'll rather have a coke. Hope this helps with ur "research".

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I like Coke myself.

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Coke is much nicer cold. Pepsi has a strange taste about it and never seems as refreshing.

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Coke is better. The cans are lighter and so make less sound when being stealthy.

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Coke. Pepsi becomes flat quicker.

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I like Pepsi more.