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Posted on the tested forums, but thought it best to share with more WM folks.

Unsure if real, but someone just supposedly independently verified a 1MW self-sustaining Cold Fusion device.


Sent it into the tested tips email, but thought I'd share with other tested members.

So, if this is legit, this means we have Cold Fusion, potential proof of Faster Than Light speeds from that neutrino bit, and an upcoming electric Delorean. Good stuff.


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I'd wait until someone more mainstream picks this story up with a bit more critique. As for the faster-than-light test, they're rerunning it with different measurement techniques.

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Sweet if true. Look at all the cures we got from solving the Human Genome. The possibilities are endless.

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"In January 2011 researchers from the University of Bologna, Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi, claimed to have successfully demonstrated commercially viable cold fusion in a device called an Energy Catalyzer. In March 2011, two Swedish physicists evaluated the device, under the control of Rossi. As the target is immediate commercialization, the inventors say that details of the invention will not be published yet. The international patent application has been partially rejected because it seemed to "offend against the generally accepted laws of physics and established theories" and to overcome this problem the application should have contained either experimental evidence or a firm theoretical basis in current scientific theories. Due to this secrecy, the Swedish evaluators were not allowed to examine the inside of the reactor, and there is still uncertainty about the viability of the invention. Peer-reviewed journals have not published papers on this invention, leading Rossi to create his own online "nuclear experiments blog", called the Journal of Nuclear Physics."

Wikipedia tells me this, therefore I'm skeptical. Especially considering the reason for not granting a patent.

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I don't know what it means. I just know its something scifi movies occasionally use to power their cities and make bombs with.

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@roc_553: Aww. Balls.

I love all forms of science. I would really love this(the cold fusion article) to be real, am ready for the probability it's not, and am hopeful that it is at least somewhat useful in furthering energy technology in general, at least.

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@ryanwho said:

I don't know what it means. I just know its something scifi movies occasionally use to power their cities and make bombs with.

Or give Keanu Reeves a reason to run around and incompetently pilot a hovercraft.