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I'm an IU alum and fan. Had an ugly win against Georgetown tonight but at least they won.

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I get into March Madness and conference play personally. I root for FSU mainly because grew up loving the football team and thought I should do the same for basketball. 
Wish we didn't lose to South Alabama in our opener, but now we've won 3 straight!

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As a European, not really. Though I'm a huge NBA fan, and have followed San Antonio for about 15 years.

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Jayhawks always. Don't know how they ended up as my team considering I went to CU games for years.

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ROCK CHALK JAY HAWK...ahem...I suppose I'm a bit of a Kansas fan

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I follow the NBA, but it's pretty hard to keep track of college ball when you're outside the US. I did see that some dude scored 138 points in a game yesterday, that's pretty cool.

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Fellow IU alum here. Cream and crimson represent!

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I love college basketball. My dad played in Division II back in the early 1980's, and started on the Division II National Championship Wright State team in 1983. So we've had season ticket to Wright State, who have since become Division I, and the University of Dayton for most of my life.

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We aren't going to be number 1 much longer if they keep playing like they did the last couple nights. Zeller has been sick and you can tell. He hasn't been himself.
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@meteora3255 said:

@Veektarius We aren't going to be number 1 much longer if they keep playing like they did the last couple nights. Zeller has been sick and you can tell. He hasn't been himself.

I'm not as high on Zeller as a lot of people are. He's a good free throw shooter and a good rebounder, but I've not really been impressed by his ability to drive to the basket. The best we have for that, it sometimes seems, is Sheahy, but in general there's just way too much passing around the perimeter. It's college ball, sure, but if you want to win, and you look at a team like Kentucky last year...

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Dukie here. Was a pleasant surprise when we knocked of Kentucky. Looks like Curry could be as good as his brother. Just hope that Sulaimon and the other freshmen are adjusted to college by the time ACC play starts. Was fun watching UNC get pushed around last night, but I think they will be fine once Paige takes over as the main point guard and McAdoo stops trying to force things.

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@colubroid: I was actually pretty bummed that UNC really got beat up by Butler for two reasons: 1) They won't be ranked as highly when they come to Bloomington on Tuesday and 2) they are going to be ready to play coming off what was at times a pretty embarrassing beat down. Thank god the game is in Bloomington.

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i know people who play college sports in the background on tv all day no matter what you're doing. i don't have cable access though

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Mizzou fan here in Columbia, MO. Hoping to forget the tournament loss from last year.

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Go Zags!

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I'm a fan, cheering for my alma mater Temple Owls. Kinda bummed they're moving on to the Big East next season after the A-10 picked up Butler and VCU this season.

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@InfiniteSpark: Especially with the Big East looking more and more like it might not last much longer as a premier conference.