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I just started the show for the first time (and got Season 5 spoiled for me so far, which didn't make me happy). I don't know why I didn't watch it sooner.

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That was a hell of a sweet episode.

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Didn't expect a Romeo & Juliet type ending for Troy and Abed but it makes perfect sense. The real test starts next week when only 5 of the Greendale 7 remain on the show(I guess Buzz Hickey and Chang replaces Pierce and Troy respectively).

First episode wasn't too funny but did it's job in re-grounding the show and giving the characters a reason to stay in Greendale

Second episode was great from beginning to end as a regular ass episode

Third episode is probably the weakest so far, but I really enjoyed it and it's attempt to have a concept episode halted with a real life event.

Fourth episode was perfect.

Fifth episode was also perfect.

I'm really enjoying this season.

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Bear down for midterms.

That was pretty good.

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@aegon: Whoa, too soon!

Was this some sort of homage to Aaron Sorkin? I don't know much about his stuff, but if it was I should fix that because I was engrossed.

Either way, this was probably one of my favourite non-concept episodes.

Also, more Brie Larson is always a good thing. I hope she sticks around for a few more episodes.

Anyone else catch on Hickey's TV when it said that Levar Burton and Troy were captured by pirates?

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Here's some really sweet boxart with a real macho rockstar on it.

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It's back.

Chang's ghost adventures and the ending bit were probably the best parts.

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It was an alright episode. Not too many big laughs tho. But more John Oliver = a good thing.

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Not too many laughs, but plenty of solid character building.

Also, the Chang/Ghost C story might be the best thing Chang has ever done on the show.

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FINALLLY it's back, episode was slow but fantastic ending with Chang going crazy and the dean and john Oliver bit

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Solid episode tonight. Didn't laugh out loud too much, but it was a fun one.

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It was alright but a lot of the jokes fell flat for me. Weakest episode of the season for me but still good.