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The tested.com Octoberkast is a (now yearly?) 24 hour charity live stream featuring Will, Gary and Norm and a ton of special guests.

If you want to donate there is still time to go to www.tested.com/donate and pledge whatever you can. All proceeds go to Child's Play and it's a great cause.

This year every member of the Giant Bombcast crew and a few others guested on the stream, each with interesting stories to share and insight to give on numerous topics, gaming and tech related or otherwise.

Below is a list of the Giant Bomb staff's guest appearances in chronological order and links to the associated videos that they appear in. You absolutely cannot miss the Giant Dadcast with Vinny or Drew regaling the crew with quite frankly the greatest story ever told. I'll update this list once the rest of the archived videos are uploaded.

http://youtu.be/KY5Fo-aQvxY?t=1h7m2sRyan makes a surprise appearance shortly before Brad Muir to talk strange 'antique video cameras' and 'peaks and valleys.'

http://youtu.be/2apCzJSEhSw?t=59m28sHour three sees the arrival of Vinny. Conversation includes Meconium and Norm's asshole.


http://youtu.be/EQrDphoVNn0?t=1h3m54sA farmer disguised as Alexis Gallis√° gives advice on 24 hour live streams among other things.

http://youtu.be/4kIsSXMNT54?t=1h25m9sBad Dude Drew Scanlon reveals the shocking truth about North Korea

and in part 2 (http://youtu.be/u4qWe60BVgE?t=14m59s) tells a story that will change your life.




http://youtu.be/rx1FbHfiA0k?t=26m37s Jeff Gerstmann drops by to share his thoughts on new hardware and games in general before disclosing top secret information about his arms dealer past.

http://youtu.be/rx1FbHfiA0k?t=1h30m1s Brad arrives equipped with pork buns to reinvigorate the Octoberkast crew.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWKlUur7ROo Patrick rounds out the show with the final Bomb Crew guest appearance speakin' spookily about scary cinema.

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