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Hey Bombers,  
a couple of days ago I asked you about your favorite summer songs (http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/off-topic/31/whats-your-favorite-summer-song/480860/
and I really loved what you guys came up with. Seriously, I've been listening to those songs all week long. I put them all into a youtube playlist, so that everyone 
can easily access all those shiny tunes. I also bought some of the cds.

What I would like you to do now is to name any song you love, no matter which genre and post it here 

Your song will represent you and I will again add them all to a youtube playlist right here. 
I will begin by picking one of my favorite songs: 
(edit: please just one song per person to keep the playlist interesting, however I will also check out your other songs - so thanks for those, too)  

001. Stefan ~ "Queen - Don't Stop Me Now" 
002. nintendoeats ~ "Joy Division - Transmission" 
003. JasonR86 ~ "Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze" 
004. extremeradical ~ "Blood Red Shoes - Heatsink" 
005. Grissefar ~ "Israel 'IZ' Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere over the Rainbow" 
006. JJWeatherman ~ "Pearl Jam - Leash (live)" 
007. FirePrince ~  "Les Elephants Bizarres - Hello! Says The Devil"  
008. TurboMan ~ "The White Stripes - We're Going To Be Friends"  
009. crusader8463 ~ "Mel Brooks - Hitler Rap" 
010. MattyFTM ~ "Meat Loaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Light" 
011. ThePhantomnaut ~ "Nasum - The Black Swarm"  
012. TheSeductiveMoose ~ "Tom Waits - Tom Taubert's Blues"   
013. FlyingRat ~ "Blackstar - Thieves In The Night" 
014. BigLemon  ~ "Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come" 
015. Fishstick ~ "Tool - Forty-Six & 2" 
016. Lukas ~ "The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset"   
017. brianp ~ "So Cow - Casablanca" 
018. Impossibilium ~ "U-MV166 - Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul - Fallin'" 
019. X19 ~ "P.O.S. - Bleeding Hearts Club (feat. Slug)"  
020. armaan8014 ~ " Coldplay - I Ran Away" 
021. Fascism ~ "Beach House - Walk In the Park" 
022. TaliciaDragonsong ~ "Avantasia - The Scarecrow" 
023. Durandir  ~ "David Bowie - Bring Me The Disco King (Lohner Mix) 
024. wrathofconn ~ "Streetlight Manifesto - Such Great Heights" 
025. Aetheldod ~ "Vordven - Eternal Storm"  
026. zus ~ "Miike Snow - Silvia" 
027. RagingLion  ~ "The Notwist - One With The Freaks"  
028. fraser ~ "Wolf Parade - I'll Believe In Anything" 
029. hexx462 ~ "The Replacements- Seen Your Video" 
030. EuanDewar ~ "The Dead Weather - Die By The Drop" 
031. BulletproofMonk ~  "Dream Theater - Trial of Tears" 
032. Toms115 ~ "Pinback - Lyon" 
033. MaFoLu ~ "Cake - Jolene" 
034. MX ~ "Radiohead - Paranoid Android" 
035. XII_Sniper ~ "Justice - NewJack"   
036. Gizmo ~ "Massive Attack - Angel" 
037. ProfessorEss ~ "The Strokes - Under Cover Of Darkness" 
038. Underachiever007 ~ " My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes" 
039. zudthespud ~ "Grandaddy - AM 180" 
040. Verb4tim ~ "In Flames - Evil In A Closet" 
041. Azteck ~ "Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down" 
042. Lights_Up_The_Shaft  ~ "Midnight Brown - Space Trucker" 
043. lead_farmer ~ "The Pharcyde - Drop" 
044. EvilKatarn ~ "Children Of Bodom - Bed Of Razors" 
045. TheSilentTruth ~ "Death - Scavenger Of Human Sorrow" 
046. bukkookkub  ~ "Job For A Cowboy - Regurgitated Disinformation" 
047. Droop ~ "Tokyo Police Club - Bambi" 
048. Vonocourt ~ "Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" 
049. Elazul ~ "Joe Satriani - Wind In The Trees" 
050. ZagZagovich "The Mountain Goats - No Children"  
051. Bwast ~ "The Tragically Hip - Little Bones" 
052. IchiroYagiza ~ " Muse - Take A Bow" 
053. arab_prince ~ " Lady Gaga - Born This Way" 
054. ryoma122 ~ "Blue Öyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper" 
055. ikabubu ~ "CSS - Left Behind" 
056. Asberg ~ "Raised Fist - Friends And Traitors" 
057. Little Socrates ~ "Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke" 
058. Brenderous ~ "She - Coloris" 
059. Jonny7892 ~ "Thin Lizzy - Showdown" 
060. Poloman89 ~ "Andrew W.K. - Long Live The Party" 
061. jukezypoo ~ "Das Racist - You Oughta Know" 
062. LordXavierBritish ~ " Adult Swim's Owls Only - Donuts (intro)" 
063. gla55jAw ~ "Passion Pit - Little Secrets" 
064. zoskia ~ "Coil - Ostia" 
065. slowbird ~ "Sick Puppies - Street Fighter (War)" 
066. DallyDoll ~ "HORSE The Band - New York City" 
067. buzz_clik ~ "Dj Shadow - You Can't Go Home Again" 
068. Eristocrat ~ "Ponytail - Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)" 
069. Marz ~ "In Flames - Man Made God" 
070. AjayRaz ~ "Overseer - Supermoves" 
071. Diablochicken14 ~ "The Suicide Machine - New Girl" 
072. Briguile ~ "Ennio Morricone - Ecstasy Of Gold" 
073. GreggD ~ "The Clash - Spanish Bombs" 
074. drag ~ "Blueneck - Oig" 
075. anarchyzombie9  ~ "Titus Andronicus - No Future Part III: Escape From No Future" 
076. Gramiero ~ "Parliament - Funkentelechy" 
077. Brackynews ~ "Poets Of The Fall - Carnival Of Rust" 
078. SharpShotApollo ~ "The Deftones - U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B,Select,Start" 
079. CSXLoser ~ "Feed Me - Grand Theft Ecstasy" 
080. Cerogravian ~ "Gogol Bordello - Undestructable"  
081. Spoonman671 ~ "Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put A Spell On You" 
082. dungbootle ~ "Elliott Smith - Miss Misery" 
083. tourgen ~ "Nightwish - 13 Nemo (End Of An Era, Live) 
084. andriv ~ "Animal Collective - Purple Bottle" 
085. HisDudeness ~ "LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (Live)" 
086. cabelhigh ~ "Midnight Brown - Submarine Club" 
087. inknail ~ "Stepchart: Colson - Good Evening, San Francisco (FIAB Wikked Remix) 
088. Jimbo ~ "Nas - NY State Of Mind" 
089. zAMERICANLIONz  ~ "The Devil Wears Prada - Hey John, What's Your Name Again?" 
090. Unknown_Pleasures ~ "Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart" 
091. strangone ~ "The Hot Nasties - I Am A Confused Teenager" 
092. Laketown ~ "Aphex Twin - Window Licker" 
093. Hadoken101 ~ "The New Pornographers - Mutiny, I Promise You" 
094. PenguinDust ~ "Chicago Transit Authority - I'm A Man" 
095. Ezekeilpurger ~ "Near The Parenthesis - Modernisme" 
096. MooseyMcMan ~ "Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun" 
097. StarvingGamer ~ "Nightwish - Amaranth" 
098. The_Medic ~ "Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show" 
099. shadowthrone ~ "Bob Marley - Three Little Birds" 
100. Ghoulbus ~ "Mos Def (feat. Talib Kweli) - Know That) 
101. jakob187 ~ "Gojira - The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe (Live)" 
102. audiosnag ~ "Queens Of The Stone Age - You Can't Quit Me, Baby" 
103. iizcallum ~ "The xx - Basic Space"  
104. FancySoapsMan ~ "My Bloody Valentine - Drive It All Over Me" 
105. RecSpec ~ "Hybrid - If I Survive" 
106. falco_eagle ~ "Steve Miller Band - Swing Town" 
107. Darktoad450 ~ "Bloc Party - Banquet" 
108. FunExplosions ~ "Death From Above - Dead Womb" 
109. Red12b ~ "Tool - Lateralus" 
110. DerekDanahy ~ "The Beatles - She Said, She Said" 
111. Liam_mk ~ "The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound" 
112. fox01313 ~ "Collide - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum" 
113. npeterson08 ~ "Queens Of The Stone Age - Regular John (Live)" 
114. Akrid ~ "Dead Kennedys - Moon Over Marin" 
115. VipeR ~ "Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man" 
116. eldiax ~ "Travis - J. Smith" 
117. TheHT ~ "Florence And The Machine - The Bird Song" 
118. lordbazuco ~ "Interpol - Obstacle 1" 
119. AngryRedPlumber ~ "Against Me! - I Was A Teenage Anarchist" 
120. faustyn ~ "Kanye West - Last Call" 
121. Sweep ~ "Cazwell - Ice Cream Truck" 
122. Halberdierv2 ~ "Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer" 
123. Geno ~ "Vienna Teng - In Another Life" 
124. KarateKid ~ "Amorphis - From The Heaven Of My Heart" 
125. Tebbit ~ "Eshericks - Motion (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)" 
126. christ0phe ~ "Arctic Monkeys - Do Me A Favour (live)" 
127. Bane ~ "Trifonic - Sooner Or Later" 
128. natetodamax ~ "Queens Of The Stone Age - Mexicola" 
129. Make_Me_Mad ~ "Electric Six - Electric Demons Of Love (Fire)" 
130. McSmunions ~ "Wu-Tang Clan - The M.G.M." 
131. ShadowKing7 ~ "2Pac - Tupac Str8 Ballin" 
132. shadowknight508 ~ "Bullet For My Valentine - Hit The Floor" 
133. JakeTaylor ~ "Black Sabbath - Rat Salad" 
134. Choi ~ "Tool - Parabola" 
135. Cirdain ~ "Breton - The Well" 
136. Sessh ~ "Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - Dry The River" 
137. hedfone ~ "The Life And Times - Old Souls" 
138. sandwich_adjustment ~ "René Badali - Tanki Tanki" 
139. Enigma777 ~ "Balmorhea - Lament" 
140. nickux ~ "Girls - Lust For Life" 
141. mithhunter55 ~ "AC/DC - Back In Black" 
142. beard_of_zeus ~ "Bomb The Music Industry! - Fresh Attitude, Young Body" 
143. CH3BURASHKA ~ "Duran Duran - Falling Down" 
144. DocHaus ~ "Against Me! - White People For Peace" 
145. N7 ~ "Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone" 
146. JammyJesus ~ "Peter Fox - Alles Neu" 
147. Rawrnosaurous ~ "Poets Of The Fall - Carnival Of Rust" 
148. MonetaryDread ~ "Murder By Death - Three Men Hanging" 
149. Tordah ~ "Hexen - Knee Deep In The Dead" 
150. evildeadron ~ "Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo" 
151. RoyaleWifCheese ~ "Rancid - Roots Radicals" 
152. SmashedControllers ~ "Motion City Soundtrack - Time Turned Fragile" 
153. trypio ~ "edIT - Certified Air Raid Material" 
154. creamypies ~ "Sigur Rós - Festival" 
155. Black_Rose ~ "Hide With Spread Beaver - Rocket Dive"
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Joy Division: Transmission

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Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze
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If someone calls you gay for listening to Queen, they are morons and the last people you should be listening to.

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Heartsink by Blood Red Shoes 
Only three times in my life has my musical taste changed drastically: 
  • When I was introduced to metal and punk, but that didn't really stick. 
  • The first time I played Guitar Hero II. 
  • When I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and summarily bought the OST. 
The first one introduced me to Megadeth, Metallica and The Offspring. 
The second one introduced me to Primus and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
The third one is the one that introduced me to Metric and Blood Red Shoes. 
So this song is for Edgar Wright and quantum leap number three. The fact that the refrain is really catchy doesn't hurt either. 
Just going to add this here: 
Not the best song, but definitely an interesting one.
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Since I suspect a lot of metal will show up on the list anyways, I would like to instead go with something a bit more relaxed.
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  Pearl Jam - Leash

  I love this performance especially.
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@FlyingRat: true, but hey, this is the internet :-)
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Cleaned shit up.This one merits the most applause.I never heard of them since a GB'er posted them , and have no idea what they are saying.But it is catchy and good.Keep this.
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  No idea who sings it/wrote it. It's from a movie called "To be or not to be", and it's extremely fucking catchy.
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Just a note to people - try to provide reasoning behind the song. Don't just dump in a youtube video with no comments, that wouldn't promote discussion and thus would be spam. 
Anyway, I'm going to go for Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf. I love some Meat Loaf, and Paradise by the Dashboard Light is a wonderfully crafted song: 

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@JasonR86 said:
  "  Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze "
Oh dude just copy the YouTube URL and pick the video option when posting. :) 
Here's mine, I love Nasum. 
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Oh, ok.  This is the first time I've added a video to a post.

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@Stefan said:

" @FlyingRat: true, but hey, this is the internet :-) "

I know, man. But anyway, if it really can be any genre, i pick this song:   
  Alright, since Matty asked for some reasoning behind the song, i'll say that i picked this song cause it's one of the best Hip-Hop songs i know and i think that the genre will not really be represented by anyone else on these forums, so i felt like i had to do my part.


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Metal is one of the few genres I am not fond of. I don't dislike all of it, but there are only a handful of metal artists I actually listen to.
My song pick if "Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke. Soul music is where it's at

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  Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

Lady and Bird - Suicide is painless
Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb  
  Empire of the Sun- Walking on a Dream  
  Too lazy to get any more.
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Tool - 46 & 2   

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@FirePrince: Love those songs though I only take one per person to keep it interesting, so I just picked you first song 
@crusader8463: It's by Mel Brooks. The Producers is one of my favorite movies... which is kind of strange since I am German :-) 
@ThePhantomnaut: I think this just blew out my brains... interesting though ;-) 
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The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset 

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So Cow - Casablanca
Doesn't get much more summer than this song for me. Makes me long for the days of driving around with the windows down.
Paintbox - Cry of the Sheeps
In my opinion, some of the best japanese hardcore ever. Their Earth Ball Sports Tournament album is incredible, as well as this single
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This song should be on a summer playlist, or any playlist that requires you just hang out and be lazy. From one of the best soundtrack albums of the past twenty years from a very mediocre movie.


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One of the few rappers I like.     
A God among men. 
Getting a perfect lap on Phantom with this track going makes a happy bunny. 
Everything Hans Zimmer writes sounds the same but man does it get you pumped. 
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Coldplay - I Ran Away
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This deserves an album cover. Anybody?

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Avantasia - The Scarecrow

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Choosing one song is almost impossible. But I'll choose the one that still makes me feel weird every time I hear it. And yes, I know it is a remix of sorts, but it has both the brilliance of David Bowie and the awesomeness of Maynard James Keenan in it. With an added aside of other great artists.

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I will contribute!

Streetlight Manifesto - Such Great Heights
By far the best version of this song. I also recommend everything else they've ever recorded. (I prefer the original Keasbey Nights by Catch 22 to Streetlight's version of the album, but it's not bad by any means.)
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Well might as well post one

   Why I like it .... this is the song that really got me into Black Metal , is any one to blame this is it.... besides I love all the changes that happens throughout the song and I love those guitars and the atmosphere of the song
Here is a bonus one ..... really like this one other than I loose myself on those riffs , it is very ..... bewithcing
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@wrathofconn:  Am i crazy or did i hear that song in LittleBigPlanet?
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Miike Snow - Silvia 
it's this trance song that, well, like any really good trance song is incredibly good at invoking some of the vaguer emotions; in this case, i can really feel a sense of numbing desperation caused by disbelief (Yeah, get emo with me! you know you want to!). 
plus the video is reminiscent of what I imagine McCarthy's The Road to look like---or the movie adaptation, which I haven't seen: 

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The Notwist - One with the freaks

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Oh man, so difficult to just post one. Gonna post one that stays with me all the time, and not something I'm just getting really 'into' at the moment.

Potential problem of only putting this up is that I might look like an indie/hipster knob. But that being said, I've always thought this song is incredible. It's really just one long build up, but there's something about the combination of the lyrics and the slow build that I just love. End's pretty cool too. VIDEO AIN'T BAD EITHER. 
2 Runners up; 
  • "Small Axe" - The Wailers
  • "It's Like Reaching For The Moon" - Billie Holiday
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The Replacements- Seen Your Video
Because I love it and any playlist could use some  Replacements. 

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Wanted to post something by The White Stripes but I see   @TurboMan already has that shiz covered so i'll post this also great song instead. 

The Dead Weather - Die by the Drop 
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  Dream Theater - Trial of Tears. One of the most beautiful songs ever made.   

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  one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands. just one of the happiest fucking things i've ever heard and it's amazing.
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I have to say, it's really hard to choose. 
Not which band, just which song... 

  The CAKE may be a lie, but it's the best-sounding, most musically talented lie you'll ever hear!
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  This for my rock side, couldn't embed the really cool video sadly. 
  and this for my electronic,side. 
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@FlyingRat said:
" @wrathofconn:  Am i crazy or did i hear that song in LittleBigPlanet? "
I'm sure someone could have put Such Great Heights in a custom level or something like that, but I doubt it's on the soundtrack or anything, especially this version.
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@MaFoLu:  Man, this song is so good!
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It's a hard choice really, and I really hate being another asshole posting metal in here, but I just have to do it since this song is important to me.  
It perfectly shows how this kind of music can be so damn beautiful and emotional. I don't think there's much that rival it just in terms of songwriting, harshness and atmosphere combined. 
And if you delve into the lyrics, then know that this was written far well before emos took over the world. Also Alexi Laiho (the writer, lead guitarist and vocalist) was kinda fucked in the head back in the day and was hospitalised for.... well doing what's told in this song.

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@wrathofconn said:

" @FlyingRat said:

" @wrathofconn:  Am i crazy or did i hear that song in LittleBigPlanet? "
I'm sure someone could have put Such Great Heights in a custom level or something like that, but I doubt it's on the soundtrack or anything, especially this version. "
there is a cover version of the song on the Garden State ost 
edit: and the original was used at the Microsoft press converence at TGS a couple of years ago
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I'm posting this because of the lack of French house disco-ey music on the list (Gotta have variety): 

#47 Posted by Gizmo (5468 posts) -


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A little from Column A:

...and a little from Column B:
I can't pick between the two. I'd probably go with the Strokes tune, but hip-hop seems to be coming up short on the playlist.
Pick whichever one you think makes things more interesting cause I'm hooked on both.
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@Gizmo: I have had that track in my head for ages but couldn't remember where it was from.  
Thanks good sir. 
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My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes