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#101 Posted by Gabriel (4050 posts) -

This is dumb, Superman could change people's race, and tow planets with a single chain.

#102 Posted by TeflonBilly (4722 posts) -

@Dany: @Still_I_Cry: Oh get off your high horses

Superman did...

I'm going to Hell

#103 Posted by SSully (4059 posts) -

@fullmetal5550 said:

With enough prep time Batman can defeat anyone. That also includes Dr. Manhattan.

Idk about that. Dr.Manhattan couldn't be killed by Ozymandias, someone who is arguably more rich and intelligent then batman.

#104 Edited by justanothermarveldcfanboy (1 posts) -

I think Superman would win. And I have two reasons for that:

1- Superman has a lead suit if he was gonna fight Batman then he could simply just where that and then kicks Batman's ass.

2- His powers, simply put Superman can move faster than light, he could wipe out Batman so fast that he wouldn't even notice he was dead. Or he could use his heat vision and kill him from the sky, I mean seriously if he wanted Batman dead then he could kill him from a nice safe distance, and the best part is that Batman can't hide, Superman can hear Bruce's voice or footsteps from anywhere in the world so he could just kill him, no matter where Bruce is. And if Superman was willing to kill millions and billions of people to kill him, he could lift up an island and throw it at Bruce.

Sorry but I just can't see Batman winning this one, even with kryptonite Superman could kill him without getting close to him or move faster than Bruce can even think.

#105 Posted by dudeglove (7254 posts) -

They're both so utterly boring, why do you care?

#106 Edited by PsEG (3491 posts) -

I guess this snuck by three years ago, but let's save these silly battle threads for Comic Vine or somewhere else. Thanks!