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How should I know?!?!?!

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I'd say look at the amount of games you have, maybe divide it between new and used. For the new ones multiply by the standard sell price in your country at the time it was new. For used estimate what the possible sell price when you bought and tally for a rough estimate. While I've been happy with most of my purchases (shakes fist at dreadlock bionic commando game) I seriously spent alot of money on games through the years.

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I guess.

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@Tireyo643 said:

How should I know?!?!?!

Math. It's a thing.

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Erm, maybe... I don't want to think about it... and now I feel terrible. :(

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@TooWalrus said:

@Tireyo643 said:

How should I know?!?!?!

Math. It's a thing.

I don't really know how much I've spent on games. Hard to remember every single one at discount and full price.

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Yeah but I already own a car so I don't care.

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Yes, but probably nothing exciting. A little cheap car.

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Define "new."

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At this point, probably a Kia haha. Do I count the cost of my gaming PC?

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games > cars

they also continue to cost money long after you have paid for them. it's the equivalent of buying everything in every F2P game all the time always.

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Every game ever, including systems, controllers, and other accessories?

Do the games that other people (i.e. my parents, my brother, etc.) count?

If you total up the amount of money spent on games, systems, and accessories for me, then probably, as long as we're talking about a reasonable car and not something insane.

If you're talking only about money that I've spent, myself, on games for me, then probably not. Not on a reasonably decent car, anyway - maybe four wheels and an engine, but not something decent.

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Adding up consoles and games, accounting for inflation, probably

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Probably not.

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Yes. Maybe not Ferrari or anything expensive but Audi, Ford, Toyota, BMW level for 30-40 k.

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Maybe over the course of my entire life. Not a good car mind you, but a really cheap car that had been sitting on the lot for five years because it was puke orange and came with a dead body in the back.

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Honestly can't say, but it seems plausible.

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Yes ... but I still prefer my vidja games instead of a a car.

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Think about all the things you could get if you didn't have to buy groceries.

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Could you feed a lot of hungry children with the money you spent on your car?

Yea, fuck you and your thread.

(I half joke)

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@Sackmanjones said:


Lets go with this.

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Err...I don't think so. At least not anything worth very much. I don't think I've spent more than $10k on video games in my lifetime.

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No. I've spent a fair amount on games in my time, but remember, even used cars can be damn expensive out of the gate, and there are a dozen other costs that need to followed up on to keep a car going.

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If we count hardware, especially my PC, I could probably afford a shitty car. That wouldn't be as much fun as the games I've bought though!

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I'm just going to go ahead and say that the likelihood is absolutely there.

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Not even close.

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My Steam account is worth around $10,000 and that's at current prices, not what I actually spent. I could probably get a decent car just with that one platform (and it's not my primary).

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New car? No. Old, crappy, broken down craigslist car? Probably.

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If i say 30$ a game on average (and it's probably much less than that) plus the price of consoles and money put towards making a cheap PC into a respectable gaming one of 3 occasions i probably spent 10k. So i guess that covers the base price of my Hyundai.

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Hmph. Probably.... I regret nothing.

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I own a truck and very small economical/quick early acura.

Also the games are cumulative over time, and fit in with cash in hand. It depends on one's priorities I guess.

didn't Kia's have a moment in the sun as far as being a car?

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@Kurtdyoung said:

New car? No. Old, crappy, broken down craigslist car? Probably.

This... A new car costs a lot!

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Nah. It`s maybe a few thousand over the course of a couple decades. How's a ten year old Ford Taurus grab ya?

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Yeah probably although i can't quite put a figure on it, 2nd hand car for sure.

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I could buy a new car with the amount of money I've spent in iTunes.

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Try like 3 cars

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Dude. A house. Dude.

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I'm pretty confident in saying no. Maybe give it a few years.

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No, I don't think I've reached that point just yet.

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Considering you can get a bare-bones care for roughly $20,000 (CAD) and games cost $60, then it would take a little over 300 games to accomplish this goal. That figure might be a little unobtainable for most (including me) as it would require to buy multiple video games a month over a period of multiple years. However, if you factor in the cost of consoles, accessories, and Steam, then that number becomes a lot more realistic. I've owned an NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Dreamcast which were probably roughly $300-500 at time of purchase. Now add all the handheld consoles (PSP, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy SP, DS, 3DS) and the games and accessories for that and that $20,000 figure is probably a low ball. While I did not actually purchase the bulk of those consoles (my parents did), I would guess that any person ~20 years old who has been gaming essentially the whole life (and has kept current with the hobby and not bought everything way after the fact) could have probably bought a car with that money.

The wonder is: think of all those video games I could have bought if I didn't own a car.

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I'd say that on average I have spent, or had spent on me, $1200 a year in video game related stuff (this includes PC components and whatnot). I've been into games since I was 12, so that makes 12000$. I could, in fact, buy a Kia. I think I've made the right call so far.

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Eh, maybe, maybe not. Actually, come to think of it... I've been playing games for around fifteen years, so almost certainly yes.

Still, y'know, had enough left over to buy a secondhand car. It's great. Blue, French, and comes as standard with 59 blue-cheese loving horsepower.

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Sure, but then I'd just have a crappy car that would break down as fast as my 360 did.

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I could have probably put a dent in my student loans...now I'm sad. Thanks a lot internet!

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By new you mean a 2005 Hyundai, probably.

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Yeah like a Hyundai or Kia or some other cheap piece of shit.

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No idea. I haven't kept track of the total amount I've spent on games for my entire life.

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Could I take all the money I spent on this one thing and used it to buy something else?