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Just got me my first bag of raw cranberries...


 Fraudulent little fuckers!

It's beginning to be Winter here in Switzerland. I'm not one for the classic Winter citrus fruit selection or apples and pears. As I bent over to pick up a grocreries bag I stumbled over something curious and outlandish (for Switzerland). An imported bag of raw cranberries. Of course I couldn't resist their red and pink color and exotic mystique. I love red fruit! Strawberries and raspberries and cherries and red plums and what have you... all of them sweet and delish.
God damn Cranberries are fraudulent. Sour little fuckers! Took me a half an hour to eat like 100g of them nasty little things. Threw another 50g on my burger (I often combi-steam them 'slider'-style), which was okay. Well, I'm stuck with 2/3 of the bag of raw cranberries and I'm at a loss. What to fucking do with them?
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make a smoothie.

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I wonder how long this topic is going to linger?  I'll probably feel like a zombie after I read the replies.
For real, though...
You could bake them into cookies.  They're delicious with white chocolate chips.

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@FancySoapsMan said:
" make a smoothie. "
Dang... living on my own since 2005 and still got no blender!
Excellent input by the way.
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I live in the US, and I don't remember ever seeing cranberries for sale in their natural state; we always had them as juice.  Cranberry juice is goooooood.