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so im a big fan of Toonami aftermath. for those who are unaware, its a streaming channel that shows old cartoons like toonami did back in the 90's. dragonball z,sailor moon,batman TAS, johnny bravo,cowboy bebop. all the good stuff. anyways,i was curious as to if there was anyway i could do somthing similar myself. a few friends and i had the idea to do somthing similar but show diffrent stuff. like star trek or buffy or old bond movies or whatever. i know this probly slaps in the face of a million copyright laws,but then how do the toonami aftermath guys do it?

but if any of you guys had some ideas or maybe point me in the right direction,let me know here or send me a message. thanks guys!

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I'm pretty sure streaming videos and creating a channel online isn't illegal in any way, but I may be wrong. Look up the copyright laws and see what you have to do.

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I think it would only be against the law if you were making money from this somehow. It's a really confusing situation, because different copy right owners are more tight with their products. I would suggest contacting the owners of each movie/Tv show you want to stream and just ask. There has to be someone who can give you a yes and just work your way up from there.