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Good ol Patrick got into a nasty bike accident and that sucks(we wish you a speedy recovery) luckily he is ok outside of minor surgery, but listing to this week podcast gave me the silly idea of how would Patrick look if we had the tech to "upgrade" him. So I ask the community how would you "improve" Patrick fragile human self.

Me? well just picture him as Robocop with a pretty sweet metal afro and spouting lines "your move outdated game trope" or "You sold us out, Officer Ryan!"

Artist rendition are encouraged if this thread has more than one visit.

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I see him as a liquid metal T-1000 type cyborg.

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Regular Patrick but with tank treads instead of legs.

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I picture him more as the guy making the robot, shouting "IT'S ALIVE!" as lightning strikes Luchadeer.

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I would see him as an android: normal exterior and skin, real hair, but then he opens up his chest to reveal a beating heart and circuits! Then his arm flips itself over or something and then he shoots you with his hand cannon.

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Wait no, I got it.

He'd pretty much be Krang with the giant half naked robot body, but regular old Patrick's head and fro inside the giant robot's stomach window.

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C-3P0 with a fro

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metal fro', EDI style

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He'd have Adam Jensen style robot glasses and a retractable N64 controller to allow him to play Majora's Mask on the go.

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Like this but with a fro.

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@coafi said:



C-3P0 with a fro


Yuck. Did I just say that. Ergh. Shut up stupid me.