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So who's seen the Dark Knight?  I just saw it earlier today and I already want to go see it again.  This could possibly be the best super hero film ever created.  What is your opinion on the film?

Sorry if there is already a topic like this

#2 Posted by Jonathan (680 posts) -

There are about 457 topics about the Dark Knight. And everyone agrees, it was awesome.

#3 Posted by Vytorious (103 posts) -

I loved it, going to see it again in IMAX. My friends were disappointed though.

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I really need to see it again. My theater was packed and I got a seat at the side and maybe like 8th row.

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I want to see it again.It was fantastic.

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Want to see so bad

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Holy AMAZING Batman..... Going to see it again on IMAX later this week.  This movie was incredible

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for sure the best super hero movie...

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I loved it.  I've seen it twice, I'm hoping to get a chance to see it in Imax.

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My new favorite movie.  It's good in every way you want it to be good in.  Action, acting, storyline, etc.