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Hey guys wanted to show you all my cover of the whistle theme. One of the best songs ever made in my opinion haha! Enjoy!

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Holy Shit that's Amazing, You did a very awesome job!

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@Dragon_Fire thanks :D

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Nice job. Did you learn it by ear, or use a tab/sheet music?

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@bagrm thanks a lot! i had to use a tab because i suck at learning jazz chords by ear. plus i'm a drummer at heart, which is no excuse for sloppy mehods of learning songs but hey, it was fun :D

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I think you deserve a record deal for this.

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@fuddles haha i wish! there are better covers out there though, but i love the ER and wanted to have fun with you guys :D

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Man this is cool. Great job.

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@Dragon_Fire said:

Holy Shit that's Amazing, You did a very awesome job!

@supermike6 said:

Man this is cool. Great job.
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Pretty cool. I can play almost all of the whistle part on guitar too. It's fun.

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Awesome, the rhythm guitar could use a little less distortion in my opinion, but otherwise great job!

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It sounds a lot like the main theme song from Super Mario World!

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@H2Yo said:
It sounds a lot like the main theme song from Super Mario World!
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@supermike6: Hahahahahaha excellent! Deadly Premonition was never released in Australia so the only version of this I had ever heard was the OP's cover. Man that's hilarious! 
Sort of reminds me of the Kojima video where he listens to the old Russian folk song; sounding exactly like the Metal Gear Solid theme. 
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@supermike6 i JUST watched that before i made the cover haha! 
@RubberFactory i wish i would've done that too but i don't know, i like distortion too much for my own good. 
thanks to all you guys though! it really means a lot!

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This is sweet

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The addition of the drums is amazing. Great shot.

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@Keenblaze thanks for the notice! i wish i would've lowered the bass drum cause it is clipping, and maybe made a more solid take, but hey it's all in good fun. thanks so much though!

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This is so fantastic :D 
I wanna hear what it sounds like when you play the guitar like this:
because I think it's a really light, airy cover at heart and this mastering is a touch edgy. Or if you like the distortion, see if you can master it like pretty much every song in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Maybe record a take in both of those styles and post them? :o
Or it may be a stylistic choice and you want it to sound kind of grungy. That's cool too. One thing I will say is that when you slide up the scale at the end of the refrain so often it gets a little old.
But again, this is so fantastic :D

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@ ChristianConservativeVinny i love the original jazz version because of it's light-heartedness and feeling of resolve! i just kinda wanted to experiment with a more rock tone. in retrospect it was too much distortion but hey, now i know! the scale thing was kind of improved and i just kind of did it for some ridiculous factor haha. thanks so much though!